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The winner of our 2016 iPhone giveaway


Kathy is the lucky winner this time to get a brand new iPhone, congratulations! The latest iPhone 7 of course - only the best for our winner! It has got some exciting new features like an even more advanced camera, extended battery life, it’s splash and water resistance and and and...

Anyway, it just got delivered to her a couple of days ago and here is the happy photo showing her with the little darling in elegant black. Kathy, we are sure that your daughters are not jealous but are most happy for you (maybe just a tiny bit jealous ;)

Kathy iPhone winner

In case someone was wondering - we can confirm that this giveaway comes absolutely free of charge, delivered to the doorstep of the winner and the iPhone is not locked to a particular network either. It’s just charge and go!! Enjoy your new Apple toy, Kathy!

The AussieContests iPhone Giveaway 2017 just started so if anyone wants to have a go at becoming this years winner, check it out here:


Win Easter chocolate


Easter is coming up soon and wouldn't it be just lovely to win a Lindt chocolate hamper full of yummy bunnies?! Just fill in your details and answer the questions to take part in the draw, it is free to enter.

Win a Pacific Island luxury cruise


This comp should be pretty quick and easy to take part in if you are good with words or less competitions. Describe your dream Kogan Cruise. Well, when you read what this cruise is about and everything it is inclusive of, it is pretty much a dream cruise! 10 nights for the two of you with free-flowing beers, wines, spirits and cocktails, delicious meals and on board entertainment, wow!

Check if you would be able to go on the 21st of July and start completing the form, just click on the picture below.

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Member winning brand new iPhone 6s


We proudly present the winner of our members competition Win an iPhone 6s - Tania C was the lucky winner this time!

Tania could hardly believe her luck when we contacted her to deliver.. (read more)

Win French road trip


Feel like going to France? Why not take part in this competition, the winner will get an amazing trip with return Air France tickets for two, Renault car hire, nine nights of luxury accommodation.. (read more)

Merry Christmas


We wish all members, visitors, partners, workmates and everybody who has got any connection with AussieContests a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2016!
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Christmas competitions


The festive season has started and we have therefore started to list all Xmas competitions so you can win great Christmas gifts! Looking back over the years, there are usually quite a lot of good.. (read more)

Win an outback camper


We know you guys like campers a lot, so don't miss out on another chance to win your own great camper! This is a Jayco Hawk OutbackCamper Trailer inclusive of all on road costs and dealer delivery... (read more)

Win an Orange Wine Festival Getaway


For those who are into wine this sounds like a fantastic prize to win. The winner will get two nights accommodation (be sure to be free October 24 and 25) at a luxurious inn, a dozen top wines and.. (read more)

Win an Electrolux Masterpiece Food Processor


I confess that I have never had a professional food processor.
Thought I didn't really need it, until I saw this one. If we can believe the description it slices, mixes, chops, shreds and even.. (read more)

Win a trip to China


Ni hao! Ever been to China? This is a super chance to win a trip to China worth up to $10,000 and it is totally free to enter this competition!

The entry is quite fun and not difficult at.. (read more)

Win a Jaguar plus $290,000 cash


We can offer you another superb competition to win an awesome car and support some good work at the same time. This time, the prize pool is an amazing $500,000.

Imagine how your life would.. (read more)

Win a Mercedes-Benz and support a very worthwhile charity at the same time


Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to win a beautiful car and help an important charity in one go. Here is what this charity is about:

Platinum Class Lottery is one of the major.. (read more)

Please support the Cerebral Palsy Alliance - Charity Raffle for $20,000 or a Mazda 3 NEO


Can you see yourself driving around town in a brand new Mazda 3 NEO hatchback or would a cool $20,000 make life just a little bit easier?

The (read more)

Win iPhone 6


Last week was the big day for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Did you camp outside an Apple store to be first in the queue and be able to buy one before everybody else? Well, thought so, neither did I..... (read more)

Father's Day competitions


Father's Day is round the corner. Have you forgotten about it? Or you did remember but just don't know what to give your dad this year? A tie - again!?
Actually, for compers it is not too.. (read more)

St. Patrick's Parade Competition


Win an amazing holiday in Ireland for two. Tourism Ireland has got a great competition right now that I just have to tell you about. The prizes, a trip to Ireland, is very nice of course, and to.. (read more)

Some new features to help you organize your comping


We have added some new little features based on feedback from many of our members.

In all competition listings you will notice some symbols that have appeared on the right:
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Back to the 70s - Win a Hippie Feeling


We found a really cool giveaway in a competition by Miss Mel. If you are old enough or have been to Germany or Brazil where they were around a bit longer you may remember the classic Volkswagen Van.. (read more)

Tis is the season - or is it yet? X-Mas Giveaways are here!


It is only early November but a quick count of the Christmas competitions has revealed that there is around 10 already. Shiok! I am not really ready for jingle bells and stuff but with so many comps.. (read more)

A winner's story


Hyundai car goes to a member of AussieContests! Last night we got a message from one of our members on Facebook describing how she won not only a Hyundai car but also other prizes recently. We are.. (read more)

Win Facebook competitions - more chances with new rules


Facebook has changed the rules for competitions dramatically. Previously, any kind of competition would have to be held in special Facebook apps. With the new rules that is not longer the case.. (read more)

A Prize to Die For by Jon McKnight - A must read for dedicated compers!


Today I have something exciting to share. A special guest feature by Jon McKnight, co-comper and author of A Prize to Die For. I hope you like this introduction to Jon's new book and will enjoy.. (read more)

World Food Day Poster Contest for Kids


The United Nations are organizing a poster contest for World Food Day. This is not our average competition on AussieContests but very much worth participating!

The contest is open to.. (read more)

Win a Porsche - Competition of the month


Win a Porsche for a weekend by Woman With Drive is my favourite competition this month. You can win a whole weekend in a Porsche Cayenne or Porsche Boxster. There is a limit of 500km usage but I.. (read more)

Competitions on Facebook


Hurray! We have reached more than a 1000 likes for AussieContests on Facebook. This morning I was pleaseantly surprised when I check our Facebook page as I never expect this to happen to quickly... (read more)

Oh Lord would you let me win a Mercedes-Benz?


We found a great competiton this week wo win a Mercedes-Benz car. It's not an entirely free competiton, unfortunately, but the entry requirements are not too bad. All you need to do is to buy a beer.. (read more)

Finally another Caption Contest


I was complaining a few months ago that we do not get enough Caption Contests in Australia. Unfortunately, not much has happened since then and there are still not may. Really a pity because I think.. (read more)

Facebook Competitions - how to find them?


Are you also looking for the best Facebook competitions to join? I got a comment from one of our member regarding my last blog on Facebook competitions saying that is all fine but how to find all.. (read more)

How to win Facebook Competitions


Some tips on winning FB competitions that you may want to consider before you like and enter the next one on Facebook. Facebook competitions are often easy to enter but still you should be aware of.. (read more)

Best competition of the month: Win a Harley Davidson or cash with Why Wait Australia


This is my favourite competition this month and I also got lots of feedback that this is very popular. I am really not into motorbikes and have not idea how to move such a monstrous machine but I.. (read more)

Words-or-less competition: Try a Limerick


The other day I explained how making rhyme and especially a funny rhyme can help you win the contest.

I stumbled of this Limerick which may give you some inspiration:

There was an old.. (read more)

Win cash competitions and enjoy a Limerick


Some cash competitions are words-or-less competitions and today I am really into reading Limericks for a laugh.

Just found this one which may give you some thoughts for your next.. (read more)

How to win Words-Or-Less Competitions


Tips on how to win words or less competitions to increase your chances or winning. Words or less competitions are very common in Australia and often the odds are better than in other contests because.. (read more)

Win a date with Jamie Oliver anybody?


Recently, Jamie Oliver stuff comes up all over the place in competitions. Jamie Oiver frozen fish, Jamie Oliver pans, Jamie Oliver pots and Jamie Oliver cook books. The one thing missing is a.. (read more)

Have a laugh with this "time machine" competition


OK here it comes - this month's funniest competitoin!

National Geographic are giving away a time capsule of sorts. If you remember Rubik's Cube and Tetris this is the competiton for you to.. (read more)

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! Competitions to win the new Samsung Galaxy S4 have started!


Finally something exciting in our Electronics category. Contests to win the new Galaxy S4 have arrived. It has not hit the stored yet but with a confirmed launch some daring competition organizers.. (read more)

How to find Australian Words-or-less competitions


Do you like Words-or-less competitions but have troubles finding them among the many competitons that are out there? In that case don't look further because we have them all summed up for you... (read more)

Happy through online competitions?


Well it works for me! Browsing through competitions, signing up for stuff, hoping for a win and everynow winning something is really fun for me.

Today I found a competition which I find.. (read more)

Increase your chances to win: Enter competitions where something is required of you


It might be that you have to submit a photo you took, write a short story or answer some questions. Some competitions also would like you to describe why you should win this particular prize. This IS.. (read more)

Iron Man 3 Competitions


Aligned with the launch of Iron Man 3 in Australian cinemas lots of Iron Man 3 competitions appear on the scene. You can win Iron Man 3 merchandise, movie tickets and video games. My favourite Iron.. (read more)

Win a Cadbury Cream Eggs hamper


I am so egg-cited...
Must confess that I have a soft spot for Creme Eggs so this competition is perfect for me. I remember eggs-actly when I first tasted one many years ago and I.. (read more)

Did you get any chocolate for Valentine's day?


You did get chocolate from your Valentine? Lucky you! If not, do not worry about and get it over it asap with these (read more)

Mother's Day Gifts


Hurry!!!!!! If you have not realized it yet Mother's Day is coming soon. If you do not want to stand their empty handed on mum's special day you better get your act together now.

To make.. (read more)

www.jackspromo.com.au - Jack Daniel's


Jack Daniel's promotion to win an 1930 truck seems to be a dramatically popular competition this month.

I am not quite sure why that is actually. Is it because people want to actually.. (read more)

Kids competitions


Competitions for children have become very popular recently so I have decided to set up a dedicated category just for stuff to win for kids. Here you can find toys, children activities or even family.. (read more)

Facebook competitions


There is quite a lot of Facebook competitions around nowadays. Often they are very easy to enter with all being required of you is too like the page. Usually when that is the case the organizer wants.. (read more)

Competitions tips - Find competitions that are genuine, fair and correct


Most competitions you find online are actually genuine but there is some odd stuff that you better want to avoid. In Australia most states require a licence to conduct trade promotion lotteries. The.. (read more)

We want more caption contests!


I got a mail from a visitor of our page asking where the caption contests would be. Actually, that is a very good point indeed. I cannot recall a single caption contest that I put up in the last few.. (read more)

Words-or-Less Competitions Australia


Understand Words-or-Less to win in Australian competitions. Participating in a words-or-less competitions is very easy:
Strictly speaking to join a words-or-less competition you only need to.. (read more)

Most popular prizes to win in competitions


Thanks to all who have send me your thoughts and wish list on the most popular prizes you would like to see in Australian competitions. One thing that surprised me was that to win an iPad (or iPad.. (read more)

Competition Tips - Manage your email


When you enter many competitions, the amount of your incoming mail will increase. Organizers sending you newsletters, promotions and offers – and in between all of this maybe THE email you have.. (read more)

What are your most popular prizes?


The last year or so we have seen more and more variety in prizes to be won in competitions. I think it is great to have so much choice! Also it is much more fun to join 20 competitions for different.. (read more)

Competitions that disappear


Isn't it annoying - you find an interesting competition and decide to take part in it, you click on it, only to find that it already expired? Grrrrr, makes me so mad!

We at AussieContests.. (read more)

Competitions to win wine


Just in time after recovering fom my New Years Eve party I noticed that there are quite a few competitions recently around wine. Not just competitions to win a bottle wine itself but also trips to.. (read more)

Win bedroom set from Lorraine Lea Linen


Bring a fresh wind to your bedroom! You can win one Gemini quilt-cover set with matching pillowcases, cushion covers, and sheets. It's easy to enter this competiton, just write why you would like to.. (read more)

Trade Promotion Lotteries - Lucky Draws and how to spot a genuine vs fake one


Lucky draws or raffles in which participants in a competition win by chance are regulated by law. Legally such lucky draw competitions are called Trade Promotions Lotteries in Australia. The lucky.. (read more)

Win chocolate - Ferrero Rocher limited-edition 30th Birthday Gift Boxes


Here is your chance to win one of my favorites. Melt-in-the-mouth chocolate combined with crunchy bits, yum. The limited-edition box looks stylish, I think. (What - you think this clashes with my.. (read more)

Start the new year healthy - Win a Vitamix Total Nutrition Center


Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you had a good start into 2013.

Made any New Year's resolution? A lot of us (hrmpf...) probably feel that after all the celebrations over Xmas and New Year,.. (read more)

Scary ads


I got some email saying that there was a weird ad on my page. That made me think and I paid more attention to what actually is appearing myself. Just to let you know how this works: The ads that are.. (read more)

Apple vs Samsung


I did some statistics today on competitions and figured out that the most common contests are still tablet PCs and smart phone. I think that has been the case for two years now. Quite surprising I.. (read more)

Cars and Petrol


I notice recently that there is more competitions giving out big car prizes which is pretty exciting.
My favourite ones are this Mini and Audi contests
(read more)

Win a Toy & Treat Pack for your dog


Do you have a dog? Here is a great contest with a fun prize that will make your dog more than happy with those fun toys and yummy treats. I just hope that for the sake of your ears there is not a.. (read more)

Win bamboo steamer and more for an Asian dinner


Christmas is coming sooner than you think and lets face it, you don't wanna eat Christmas food on all the days (even if it IS nice) so why not try to cook something Asian? Or if you win this, there.. (read more)

Blog about competitions


Now we are starting a blog about competitions as well. I am going to pick a few competitons from time to time that I think are worth mentioning and write about them here. It could be that there is a.. (read more)