Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 + Gear S2

Be one of the first to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 when it is being released in Australia in 2016. To enter, just register on the FunClub Apple promotion page.
Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 + Gear S2
:    FunClub
:    $1,649
No. of prizes
:    2
:    free
:    2018-12-31


"Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 + Gear S2" is a competition by FunClub and has a prize pool of $1,649 for 2 prizes. They came up with quite a good prize pool! Entry to this competition is entirely free. The Galaxy S7 and Gear S2 make a perfect pair! Quite well known promoter of competitions which we have reviewed a couple of times.
Our rating: 3.5 (of 5.0)   © AussieContests,

This competition is organized by FunClub and you can check out their latest competitions here:
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