Win a Nutella Breakfast Kits

To enter, entrants must undertake the following steps during the Promotional Period: Purchase any specially marked jar of Nutella from any supermarket in Australia or New Zealand. Each specially marked jar of Nutella will contain a sticker with a scratch panel, which once scratched, will reveal a unique code.
Win a Nutella Breakfast Kits
:    Nutella
:    $100,000
No. of prizes
:    3200
:    free
Competition type  
:    Random draw competitions  
:    2019-06-29


"Win a Nutella Breakfast Kits" is a competition by Nutella and has a prize pool of $100,000 for 3200 prizes. The total potential prize in this competition is outstanding. I does not cost anything to participate. At Nutella®, in conjunction with our partners, NGOs and other institutions, we are deeply committed to selecting only quality ingredients that respect our commitment to sustainability, both social and environmental.
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Terms and conditions of the competition "Win a Nutella Breakfast Kits "
according to the competition's organizers.All winners will be notified in writing by email within two (2) business days of the relevant draw. All reasonable steps to notify the winners of the results of the draw will be taken by the Promoter.
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