Caption contests

In a caption contest you need to come up with a good caption or descriptive text for a photo or sometimes a cartoon. A jury will decided on the result. Australian caption contests are considered games of skill. Different from lucky draws the outcome is not considered to be determined by luck and the competition does not require a government licence. How to win a caption contest? Well it depends a bit on what the promoter wants to achieve and you should think about that. Very often caption contests are really just for fun and a witty, surprising and humorous caption text will have a very good chance of winning. Just try to be spontaneous and funny if you can.

Caption contests are unfortunately not very common in Australia. I think that is a pity because they are really quite fun to do. We try our best to find the latest caption contests and list them here. If all you see is expired contests right now please do check back at a later time. We will add any new caption contest that we can find!

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests of this type.