SMS or phone competiton

SMS and phone competitions require the hopeful participants to make their entry by sending an SMS or making a phone call. The whole concept is getting a bit outdate because of the widespread use of the internet but some promotions are still based on this. In particular, TV channels and radio stations use this type of entry still quite often. One reason is of course that it participants are usually never far away from their phones so a larger crowd may join. Another reason however, is that the promoter may actually earn some money with it. Imagine a competition on prime TV. That may draw hundreds of thousands of participants. If they all call or SMS that is quite a lot of money even if each one cost less than a dollar. At AussieContests we still list these competitions when we will the prize is worth it but we will always aim to also indicate an online entry method which nowadays is usually offered as an alternative and for free. Just check our individual competitoin page before you enter and it is normally indicated in the short description whether you have alternatives to phone or SMS participation.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Win a $7,500 RACQ travel voucher! (QLD only)

Value :      $7,500    (1 prize)
Cost :      free
Ends:  2017-07-31