Twitter competitions

The number of Twitter competitions is increasing a lot recently. Many compers do not like that because of the need to have a Twitter account and remembering yet another password but that is that. Some brands really love Twitter comps because they create such a strong buzz. Shallow of course but loud and they think that really helps them with their marketing. Now that is a matter of debate but fact is that they do run a lot of Twitter contests lately and if you want to win you need to learn how they work. There is basically a few variants of them. The simples form is a simple following of a brand to be in the competition. So for at least the promotion period you need to stay a follower to have a chance to win. That is easy enough. The next level would be the need to re-tweet anything that the brands requires you so that your follows in turn also get the message. Alternatively you need to do a tweet with the hashtag indicated in the rules. This may also add a creative component as you are normally supposed to tweet something original or funny to that hashtag. It could also turn into an question and answer type of competition where you need to answer some kind of quiz for your chance to win.

Sorry! Unfortunately there are no currently running contests of this type.