Instagram competitions

Australian Instagram competitions are getting more popular and it is worth to consider them in your hunt for free prizes to be won. So how to win an Instagram competition? Essentialy, a constest on Instagram is very similar to a photo competitions. However, there is much easier sharing, tagging and commenting on individual photo contributions than in tradidional photo competitions. So rather than just jury decision on the best photo there will be some involvement by the online crowds. To join such a competition you need to obviously open an account with Instagram. That is free and easily done. Then, the first thing to do is to have a good read through of the competition terms. You need to make sure to comply with the rules to have a chance to win. In particular, make sure that you get the hashtag right. Also, look for an indication on how the winner is determined? Is it the most orginal, the funniest or maybe the contribution with the highest vote? You can then tweak your entry to improve your chances. During the competition you should keep an eye on the other entries. Maybe there is something really good that you can take as inspiration to improve your own entry. If it is a competition where the most likes determine the winner you need to be ahead of your competitors and might need to improve your entry several times to stay ahead. If you use already Instagram already you know this already but if you are new to it please take this advice: Instagram reach is all about those hashtags. To get visibility you need to figure out what are the relevant and highly popular hashtags. They must be relevant to your picture of course but if they are not popular you probably get never seen. If you are a brand looking to run this type of competition I can recommend the short article how to run Instagram comps using hashtags for everybody wanting to win good luck and remember the three most important things are 1. hashtags, 2. hashtags, 3. hashtags!

House & Home

Win a Mix & Go blender

Value :      $1,260    (28 prizes)
Cost :      free
This competition is already closed
Cosmetics & Jewellery

Win a Michel Herbelin luxury watch

Value :      $2,000    (4 prizes)
Cost :      free
This competition is already closed
For Kids

Win a LEGO mini cooper set

Value :      $300    (1 prize)
Cost :      free
This competition is already closed