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Win a trip for 2 to Bangkok

Value:   $5,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2019-12-31

Win a $5,000 trip to Fiji

Value:   $5,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2019-12-31

Win a trip to Bali

Value:   $5,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2019-12-31

Win a trip to Margaret River and Dan Murphy's voucher

Value:   $1,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2019-12-31

Ni hao! Ever been to China? This is a super chance to win a trip to China worth up to $10,000 and it is totally free to enter this competition!

The entry is quite fun and not difficult at all; you do your own 'China checklist' which is adding 5 attractions you would like to visit on your trip to China. There are many suggestions on the website to get you inspired. How about eating delicious Dim Sum in Shanghai, admiring The Great Wall, see the Terracotta Army, visit stunning natural scenery and temple and go shopping in ever vibrating Hong Kong?

If you are in a hurry but still want to enter, you could click on the 'Autfill my cheklist' button, but it is more fun to do it yourself!

Well it works for me! Browsing through competitions, signing up for stuff, hoping for a win and everynow winning something is really fun for me.

Today I found a competition which I find really fun to join. This contest to win a trip around the world for 6 (SIX!) months and all expenses paid (WOW!) is just dramatically tempting:
Ultimate Holiday Competition
You should check it out. Participation alone is quite exciting with creative elements, photos and a video to be submitted. Really quite demanding but also a fund project to do with family or friends!

If that does not work for you can always join the competition to win tickets to the Happiness and its Causes Conference in Melbourne:
Happiness and its Causes Conference in Melbourne

Aligned with the launch of Iron Man 3 in Australian cinemas lots of Iron Man 3 competitions appear on the scene. You can win Iron Man 3 merchandise, movie tickets and video games. My favourite Iron Man 3 competition is this one to win a trip to Tokyo: Win a trip to Tokyo with Iron Man 3

Or see other
Iron Man 3 competitions here.

P.S. Watching the Iron Man 3 movie is not a condidition for most of these but I can tell you it is pretty cool as well.

Today I have something exciting to share. A special guest feature by Jon McKnight, co-comper and author of A Prize to Die For. I hope you like this introduction to Jon's new book and will enjoy reading his novel as much. I certainly did and I think anybody slightly addicted to competitions must have read it!

*     *     *    

Imagine being a comper if websites like this didn't exist, Facebook hadn't been invented, and you couldn't Google the answer to anything.

Instead of entering comps by e-mail or text, you'd have to write everything out by hand and then entrust it to the postal service.

And rather than getting up-to-the-minute information about the latest comps from AussieContests, you'd have to rely on solutionist magazines that were printed and posted to you once a month and were usually out of date by the time they hit your doormat.

Well, that's how things were in the early Nineties – and author Jon McKnight, a comper in England, conjures up that far-off world in A Prize To Die For, a comic novel that lifts the lid on our obsession.

Here, in a special feature for AussieContests, he tells how he came up with the winning idea for a novel...
A Prize to die For

Tell people you’re a comper and there’s a good chance they’ll think of you as some sort of anorak – something akin to a train-spotter or a twitcher.
But tell them you’ve just won a car, and suddenly they’re all ears and envious looks. Such is the plight of compers. People are only too willing to portray us as losers (rather ironic, in the circumstances), but the moment we win something spectacular, they all want to know the secret of our success.
I discovered that for myself when, a couple of decades ago, I bagged an Audi worth almost a year’s salary with a slogan that beat 3,000 others in a national magazine competition. Suddenly, all the people who’d laughed at me for buying 99 tins of cat food despite not owning a cat were laughing on the other side of their faces. The National Lottery didn’t exist in the early Nineties, so anyone who won, say, £1,000 a month for life would have made front-page news.
It was while I was writing my 50th slogan for just such a competition (I won a runners-up prize of £100 a week for a week!) that the idea for my novel came to me. What if a struggling pet food company tried to publicise its way out of financial difficulties by offering a £1,000-a-month-for-life prize, but decided to fix the judging so that the oldest entrant won?
The firm would get tons of favourable publicity and sales would soar, and it wouldn’t cost the firm very much if the winner was a 95-year-old whose life expectancy would probably be shortened by the shock of the win.
But what if something went wrong and the prize was awarded, on merit, to a comper who was only 30? The Managing Director of the pet food firm would be incandescent with rage at the realisation that the young winner could cost him a fortune… if he lives! And so a plot was born...

The bent judge who would have fixed the result of the competition if he hadn’t been, er, tied up at the time, is pressed into service as an assassin and tries to ensure that the 30-year-old winner won’t be around to enjoy his win for very long. And that isn’t the only problem that the 30-year-old Tim Wembury has to contend with. He’s embarrassed himself severely to buy 36 condoms for a comp, only to find himself in the only city in Britain where the postmen are on strike, the postboxes are sealed, and he can't post his entries.

And he thinks he’s been clever by entering a comp on sexy Italian bikinis and only giving his initial on the entry form so the judges will assume he’s a woman… but he hasn’t read the rule about having to wear his purchase to the prize presentation. No matter how successful he is, Tim feels everything is meaningless unless he can win the one thing he wants most in the world: the heart of a woman. He can’t believe his luck when Dilly arrives on his doorstep to find out more about him for the pet food firm, and she appears to enjoy his company. But is she only being nice to him because it’s her job? And is she part of the plot to send him on a one-way trip to the next world? Well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out!

Suffice it to say that this is one of the very few novels ever to feature a comper as hero (I'm only aware of one other, which is no longer in print), and compers everywhere will recognise our unusual and fascinating world at every turn of the page. A Prize To Die For has been well received, so far, with a string of five-star reviews on Amazon. Reviewers have described it as "achingly funny", "a gem of a book" and "thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining". One comment, fortunately typical, was: "Not many books make me laugh out loud and hoot with delight, but this one did." It's jolly nice of them to say so, but what a shame they weren't sitting on the judging panels all those years ago!
Author Jon McKnight

That's one of the problems of being a novelist: every reader is chairman of his or her own judging panel. Will they think it's apt and original? Does it say what it needs to say in 72,000 words or fewer? And does it deserve to win space on their bookshelf? Another winner could, of course, be Plymouth, my home city in England. Not many novels have been set here, but A Prize To Die For uses real locations that people can explore as they retrace the characters' steps. It's a great city, and a perfect backdrop for a novel. Smeaton's Tower, the lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe, is the scene of an attempted murder, while the magnificent war memorial that dominates the skyline nearby has a secret chamber inside it that nobody notices even though countless people inspect the names on the plaques every year. But perhaps the biggest winners are compers themselves. Everyone who reads A Prize To Die For will finally understand how our world ticks, what drives us to often extraordinary lengths to enter and win competitions, and the rewards our passion brings. And now, the judging begins: will A Prize To Die For win a place on your own bookshelf?

*       *       *
A Prize To Die For by Jon McKnight is published by Middle England Media and is available for Kindle, Kobo or iBooks. Details at and on the A Prize To Die For Facebook page.

Win an amazing holiday in Ireland for two. Tourism Ireland has got a great competition right now that I just have to tell you about. The prizes, a trip to Ireland, is very nice of course, and to enter is a lot of fun too.

How to enter?, Well, you are supposed to create a fabulous float using fun details and characters from the online application (the pages take a little while to open, but it is worth it). Your float can then enter into The Fantastic St. Patrick's Parade which you can see immediately and then get your friends to like. The 20 floats with the most likes are the ones that enter into the final prize draw. You can watch floats already made by other people to get some ideas of what you could do.

The pages are very well done and look inviting, I think, and it is a fresh change from your usual 'word or less' competition, definitely! The competition is linked to Facebook, but if you are not on Facebook you can enter anyway, just follow the link. Win Ireland holiday

I proudly present you my float, show me if you can do better!

Father's Day is round the corner. Have you forgotten about it? Or you did remember but just don't know what to give your dad this year? A tie - again!?
Actually, for compers it is not too difficult to find a present because there is dozens of competitions that give you a chance to get a giveaway for dad for free. Or if you are not lucky in this round of comps at least you can get some new ideas in the process.
You can find a whole list of Father's Day competitions in our special section:
Happy Father's Day
Our top picks from the long list are these: Some great stuff isn't it? Now if that is too much for you and you want to settle with the established tie you can find here: Silk ties and stuff

Happy Father's Day!!!

Feel like going to France? Why not take part in this competition, the winner will get an amazing trip with return Air France tickets for two, Renault car hire, nine nights of luxury accommodation and six very special délicieux local dinners. That is 10 days in France for free! Valued up to $10,000. Really easy to enter, you have time until 29th of January.

Holidays Competitions

Win a trip to Fiji, New York or London! Find the best and latest holiday competitions in Australia. Here you can win free holidays abroad or short trips in Australia. Sightseeing, shopping, relaxing or beach - all can be found. Free flights and accommodation is usually part of the prize. You should check the details some are all inclusive and even provide pocket money but others may be accomodation only. Join cruise competitions for Caribbean cruises or European river cruises. Competitions to win a relaxing holiday in Thailand or Bali or a European sightseeing and cultural experience. Check our holiday competitions often as prizes change quickly and you might miss your dream destination. Have a good trip!

Competitions to win a trip to Fiji

Grab a free holiday to Fiji with these free online competitions. Fiji is an awesome holiday destination. Join these contests and fly off to your dream holiday in Fiji. Win a trip to the heart of the South Pacific with its 333 tropical islands which are home to happiness. Enjoy Fiji's white sand beaches and pristine natural environment and go snorkeling and soft coral diving. Go island hopping with sprint boat charters, ensures you travel in comfort on your own personalised water transfer or charter around the beautiful islands of Fiji. Be touched by the Fijian culture and join a visit to a traditional Fijian village. Or go on Sigatoka River Safari deep into Fijian heartlands. If timing is right how about you use your trip for a wedding and honeymoons in Fiji. Win a dream of a lifetime vacation in Fiji. Bula! Welcome to Fiji.

Competitions to win a trip to Paris

Win a holiday in paris and visit capital of France and allegedly a capital of love and romance. Visit the Eiffel tower, see masterpieces in the Louvre museum and take a trip on the river Seine along l'Ile de Paris and Notre Dame cathedral. Win a romantic trip with dinner on the Champs Elysees and see the Musée d'Orsay. There are many competitions to win trips to France organized by travel agents, or around book and movie launches with a French theme. Some competitions are around the Tour de Fance where you can see the grand final at the Arc de Triomphe. Other are around culture and you can get special tours of the Louvre museum. Some are just for French food, savoir vivre and shopping. Bonne chance and bon voyage!

Competitions to win a trip to New York

Win a holiday to see the Big Apple NYC! The city that never sleeps is one of the most exciting places to visit on earth. Join the competitions and stroll around Central Park, see the statue of liberty on Ellis Island. Some prizes includes activities like a broadway musical, generous pocket money for shopping in New York's enormous department stores. Get lost in Harlem at your own risk or perform an original Harlem Shake and see NYC from above when you climb the Empire State building. Most competitions come with flights to John F Kennedy airport and four or five hotel accomodation in downtown Manhatten.

Competitions to win a trip to Hawaii

Holiday in Hawaii competitions to get you to one the most beautiful places on earth for free. Not just trips to Hawai'i itself or many of the other islands of the Hawaiian archipelago including Maui, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, Molokaʻi (friendly island) or Lānaʻi (pineapple island). With ristine beaches, incredible sunsets and mountain ranges inland Hawaii holidays can be romantic or full of activities like water sports, windsurfing on Kanaha beach, adventorous climing on Mauna Kea or Haleakalā mountains. Hawaii holiday prizes often include 5 star resort hotel accommodation and flights to Honolulu with Quantas, Virgin or Hawaiian Airlines. Likely you will be greeted with Aloha and a flower necklace or garland called Lei on arrival. How about learning to dance Hula during your Hawaii vacation. Competitions by Hawaii Tourism offer regular free trips to Hawaii and their website also give a lot of information on the Pacific island. We also list free Hawaii competitions from travel agents and airlines.

Competitions to win a trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas holiday competitions are often run with movie launches like the Hangover and others that play in the world's gambling campital. The Herald Sun, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, Who Magazine and Hoyts may have Las Vegas competitions. Win a trip to Las Vegas and enter the glitzy world of huge casinons. Spend a night at Ceaser's Palace, New York or other famous casino hotels. Competition prizes may include a stretch limo ride and tickets to Las Vegas shows and concerts. You do not have to be into gambling to enjoy a free trip to Las Vegas, just watching the punters and high rollers at the roulette or baccara table can be fun and some trip to Las Vegas contests include activities like visiting Death Valley or nearby Los Angeles and a visit to Hollywood.

Competitions to win a trip to Hollywood

A visit to Hollywood is all around stars and movies. Competitons with a trip to Hollywood as major prize are often run in connection with a new Hollywood movie launch in the cinemas, on DVD or Blu-Ray. This may be organized by the movie producers. Also Australian TV stations like Channel Seven or Ten often run such contests around popular US television series. Even Nickelodeon runs comps for a family holiday in Hollywood. Your free trip to Hollywood will often include a 4 or 5 star hotel, visting Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and some tour of Beverly Hills and other neighbourhoods for the rich and famous. You may also get some star like treatment in a cheesy stretchlimo ride. Some prizes are more family oriented and you get to vist amusement parks as part of the prize. A major highlight often is a visit to a movie production like Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios or even attending the Academy Awards with the Oscars ceremony.

Competitions to win a trip to London

Here you find all competitions to win a holiday to London packed with sightseeing, pub crawling, shopping everything else that this great city has to offer. Flighs to Heathrow and 4 or 5 star hotel stay near the City are typically part of the prize. Enjoy the historic sights like the Tower of London, Tower and London bridges, Saint Paul's cathedral and Buckingham Palace. Often pocket money is part of the competition prize and you can get crazy shopping in Oxford Street. See a musical or the last night of the Proms in Royal Albert Hall and relax in Hyde Park which is close to many of the hotels which are part of the prize. Or get away from it in quiet Greenwich just opposite the new financial district. Often the trip to the capital of the UK is also including activities like excursions to Oxford or Cambridge. To win your free holiday you often need to motivate why you should be picked to fly to London. Here we always listed the newest Australian competitions for a holiday in London.

Competitions to win a trip to Bali

Bali holiday competitions treat you to luxurious resort or villa stays on the 'Island of the Gods'. Enjoy the landscapes of Bali with beautiful beaches, mountains and picturesque rice terraces. Go on a shopping trip for Balinese arts, souvenirs and home decoration in Jimbaran. Get pampered with SPA and massage and relax on the beach. You can party in the touristic nightlife of Kuta. Or you experience Balinese culture and the unique Balinese Hindu religion in Ubud and other towns in central Bali with authentic Balinese dances. Prizes of include hotel stays in Nusa Dua resorts, or villas overlooking the ocean or rice terraces around Ubud. A trip to Bali mostly includes free flights on Quantas or Garuda Indonesia to Denpasar. Some competitions also include actities such as hiking, water sports, surfing, snorkeling and shopping often with spending money included. You can also explore the neighboring islands of Lombok and Komodo and see amazing wildlife. Relax and enjoy Bali for free.

Competitions to win a trip to Germany

Get a free holiday in Germany in these competitions. Visit Berlin the hip German capital with a crazy nightlife, amazing museums and history to experience whereever you go. Go hiking or skiing in the German alps and enjoy Bavarian culture and beer in Munich. Visit castles along the river rhine or visit the ultimate kitsch castle Neuschwanstein. You can also win a river cruise through Germany big streams or visit medieval towns along the Romantic Strasse. Or enjoy the rustic and sweet charme of Baltic or North Sea villages. Travel agents may give out trips to Munich's Oktoberfest and German car makers may give out trips to Germany including some driving experience on the Autobahn. Find the latest Germany holiday competitions here.

Competitions to win a trip to the Gold Coast

Name one of the best destination in Australia, we can't leave Gold Coast. Free holiday to The Gold Coast is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. The Gold Coast vacation giveaway famed for its long sandy beaches and surfing spots. It’s also home to theme parks such as Dreamworld, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild. Inland, hiking trails crisscross Lamington National Park’s mountain ridges and valleys, home to rare birds and rainforest. Get your free trip to Gold Coast by join our contests. New Gold Coast holiday competitions are coming in every month or two. We find competitions to win family holidays in the Gold Coast including a stay at resorts like Zagame's Paradise Resort and Sea World Resort. The prize may include tickets to Dreamworld or Whitewater World or other kids friendly activities. Other competitions give out a free luxury Gold Coast escape for two. Most Gold Coast competitions of course centre around water and the attractions along the coast line. Prizes mostly include hotel accomodation and flights, some may also include Gold Coast car rental. You may also want to check our other Holiday Competitions for prizes for trips to other destinations. Check this page regulary for the newest Gold Coast Getaway Competitions.

Competitions to win a trip to Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. Get your free vacation to Thailand with AussieContests. From beaches and mountains to wildlife-rich national parks, energetic cities, and cute towns, Thailand offers something for everyone. Thai capital Bangkok is a must-see destination, with a dazzling array of things to see and do to suit almost any taste in free Thailand trip. There are cultural and historic sights aplenty, combined with soaring skyscrapers and modern architecture, fabulous art galleries, and fascinating museums. The shopping scene offers bustling markets, unusual floating markets, and mega malls, and the dining scene is equally diverse with everything from fancy gourmet restaurants to abundant street food. Often referred to as the northern capital, free trip to Thailand and go to Chiang Mai offers an intoxicating blend of culture and nature. Thailand’s largest island and one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, Phuket has many faces. Many first-timers head to the thronging sands of Patong, an area known for its hedonistic nightlife and many water sports, but there are beaches to suit everyone. Win your free holiday to Thailand only at AussieContests.

Competitions to win a trip to Disneyland or Disney World

Competitions for a family holiday in Disneyland can get you to one of the many Disney theme parks around the world. There is Disneyland California in Anaheim, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Paris Tokyo Disney Resort and the smallest of all Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Shanghai Disney Resort is opening in 2015. Most of Disneyland giveaways are actually trips to the one in California and often combined with a visit to Los Angeles.

Competitions to win a trip to Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, a popular stop on many Australian itineraries especially for culture. It's a green city, with parks, gardens, and open spaces occupying almost a third of its total area. Highlights of the city include the Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where sports fans can watch cricket in the summer and Australian Rules football in the winter. Want to get a free trip to Melbourne? Check out our list to win a free Melbourne holiday.