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I am so egg-cited...
Must confess that I have a soft spot for Creme Eggs so this competition is perfect for me. I remember eggs-actly when I first tasted one many years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Maybe I can pluck up the courage to finally confess my feelings in a love letter to Creme Egg - because that is what you have to do to enter this competition in order to win a hamper full of Cream Eggs!

I had a look at the entry form and it doesn't look too difficult, you egg-ctually only have to fill in a few blank spaces and your love letter will be generated, so you don't have to be particularly creative to take part. So, who, egg-cept me, wants to win this great prize? Just click on the Creme Egg below:


Competitions to win free baby stuff and baby competitions

Baby competitions to win stuff for your baby and enter your little one in who is the cutest baby contests! There is always contests for finding the cutest, most adorable or funniest baby or toddler in Australia. For example the Cover Cutie Baby search by Practical Parentingor similar contests by other magazines like Motherpedia, Bubhub or Metro Mum and websites like babyology and Mum Zone. We also list competitions to win free baby stuff by baby and toddler shops such as Babies Direct, Not Another Baby Shop and many more. Also brands for baby care like Huggies, Baby Björn and Nivea are listed here. You can win stuff like a year's supply of diapers, baby cream and wipes, win a child car seat, pram or stroller. Many baby competitions are just random draws but there is also baby words or less competitions where you many need to motivate winning with some story about your little one. Then there are baby cutie contests where you enter with a picture of your little one all listed here.

    If I scream for ice cream I go to Ben & Jerry of course. Not the cheapest but delicious it is. And sometimes when you are lucky it maybe for free. Win ice cream! - Geláre Australia, a premium dessert cafe group, invites you to Treat Yourself with our delicious range of ice-cream, frozen yogurts, waffles, pancakes, coffee, smoothies and much more Geláre cafe products include: super premium ice cream (some flavours include: banana walnut, mocha chip, oregon mint fudge, tropical mango), low fat frozen yogurts, sorbets, non dairy fruit smoothies, freshly baked waffles, pancakes, gourmet coffees and hot beverages.

        I scream for ice cream and ideally it should be free. Sometimes they actualy give it out for free in their comps. Yummy!

          Win Ben and Jerry’s new light ice cream range
          Food & Drink

          Win Ben and Jerry’s new light ice cream range

          Value:   $500   (10 prizes)
          Cost:   free
          This competition is already closed

          Win an AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range cooker
          1. Definitions 1.1 “AGA” refers AGA Australia (ACN 003348481). 1.2 “Entrant” refers to any person who enters into the competition. 1.3 “Competition” refers to the trade promotion lottery to win the prize. 1.4 “Winner” refers to the winner of the competition. 1.5 “Substituted winner” refers to an alternative winner in accordance with these terms and conditions. 1.6 “Advertised Prize” refers the “AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range Cooker” 32AMP Electric, in the colour of duck egg blue (currently valued at $11,500.00). 1.7 “Substituted Prize” refers to an alternative prize of equal or greater value of the Advertised prize. 1.8 “Prize” refers to the advertised prize or substituted prize, where applicable. 1.9 “AGA’s terms and conditions” refers to the terms and condition created by AGA which may be found at the AGA website. 1.10 “AGA website” refers to 1.11 “Competition email” refers to [email protected] 1.12 “Social media site” refers to Facebook (AGA Australia) and Instagram (agaaustralia). 2 Offer 2.1 The offer is made to every person in Australia except: 2.1.1 A person or persons who is under the age of 18; 2.1.2 An officer or employee of AGA; 2.1.3 An officer, employee or person in the business of selling AGA products; 2.1.4 An immediate family member of a person who meets the requirements of clauses 2.1.2 or 2.1.3. 2.2 It is the responsibility of the entrant to read and accept the terms and conditions. 2.3 AGA may update these terms and conditions from time to time, upon providing sufficient notice to all entrants. 2.3.1 Sufficient notice is deemed to be sufficient if any updates terms and conditions are posted on AGA’s website, e-newsletter, social media and in store for a period of seven (7) days. 2.3.2 The alternations to these terms and conditions shall be binding on all entrants as if they were the original terms and conditions. 2.3.3 Entrants who have already entered the competition after the terms and conditions have been updated may elect to remove themselves as an entrant to the competition, by providing notice in writing to AGA via their website or by email. 3 Entry Requirements 3.1 To enter, an entrant must: 3.1.1 Be a person capable of entering; 3.1.2 Enter through a valid method; and 3.1.3 Irrevocably consent to these terms and conditions. 3.2 A person who is capable of entering is defined as a person to whom the offer is made, which can be found in clause 2.1. 3.3 The entrant may enter into the competition, entry being valid through the following methods: 3.3.1 the AGA website at the AGA website; 3.3.2 in store; 3.3.3 on social media; or 3.3.4 by email via the Competition email. 3.4 To enter via the AGA website, the entrant must complete the applicable form found on the AGA website. 3.4.1 Each entrant may only enter once via the AGA website. 3.5 To enter in store, the entrant must complete the applicable form found in registered AGA retailer and place the completed form into a provide entry box. 3.5.1 Each entrant may make a maximum of five (5) entries in store. 3.6 To enter via social media, the entrant must click on the applicable link on an AGA social media site, and enter online by completing the task specified on the social media site. 3.6.1 Each entrant may only enter once per task posted AGA’s social media sites. 3.6.2 An entrant may enter more than once by completing more than one task. 1 3.7 To enter by email, the entrant must complete the tasks on AGA e-newsletters and email the answer and/or completed tasks to the Competition email. 3.7.1 Each entrant may only enter once per task posted AGA’s e-newsletters. 3.7.2 An entrant may enter more than once by completing more than one task. 3.8 The entrant may enter the competition in any combination of the valid methods mentioned above. 4 Acceptance 4.1 The entrant accepts the entry into the competition upon completing all the entry requirements. 4.2 The entrant, by entering into the competition, agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. 5 Competition 5.1 The competition commences at 9.00am (AEST) on 1 April 2018. 5.2 The competition concludes at 5.00pm (AEST) 30 September 2018. 5.3 Entrants will only be able to validly enter the competition between the commencement date and the conclusion date of the competition. 5.4 There is no entry fee associated with entry into this trade promotion lottery. 6 Information Obtained 6.1 The information obtained from the campaign will be used for the following proposes of conducting and completing the campaign: 6.2 Information obtained by AGA may be used promote AGA and its products. 6.2.1 The entrant agrees that AGA may use any information obtained through the competition, including pictures, in any way AGA deems fit, and the entrant releases any intellectual property, copyright, rights to royalties or any other legal entitlements associated with the information obtained. 6.2.2 AGA may use an entrant’s location for present and future promotional activity. 6.2.3 AGA may use any images an entrant submits or posts as part of the entry requirements, detailed in clause 3, for present and future promotional activity. 7 The draw 7.1 The draw will take place between 2pm and 3pm (AEST) on 16 October 2018. 7.2 The winner will be announced via Livestream, on the AGA Facebook and Instragram pages. 7.3 The winner of the trade promotion lottery will be determined randomly from the population of participants who meet the entry requirements. 7.4 The winner of the competition will receive the prize within twenty-eight (28) days after the date of the draw. 7.5 The name of the winner will be circulated via the AGA Website for twenty-eight (28) days. 8 The Prize 8.1 The prize cannot be exchanged for cash, cash equivalents, or other AGA products. 8.2 The colour of the advertised prize cannot be changed. 8.3 Ownership of the advertised prize can only be transferred to the winner. 9 Special Condition to The Prize 9.1 If the winner of the prize previously purchased an AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range Cooker, in any colour, that winner may redeem the monetary value, being $11,500.00, of the AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range Cooker from AGA, subject to the following conditions being complied with: 9.1.1 The winner purchased the AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range Cooker between the commencement and conclusion dates of the competition; 9.1.2 The winner complies with the entry requirements, pursuant to clause 3; 9.1.3 The winner provides proof of purchase and payment to AGA in the form of a receipt; 9.1.4 The winner cannot seek a refund for the Cooker once they have redeemed the value of the AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range Cooker from AGA, save and except for AGA 60 Double Oven Electric Range Cooker being faulty or otherwise not fit for its purpose. 2 10 Substituted Winner 10.1 AGA may substitute a winner where: 10.1.1 The winner does not claim the advertised prize; 10.1.2 The winner has not complied with these terms and conditions; 10.1.3 The winner cannot be easily located within fourteen (14) days, subject to clause 11.2 herein; 10.1.4 The substituted winner is drawn in compliance with these terms and conditions; 10.1.5 AGA has made all reasonable attempts to locate the winner; 10.1.6 A new winner is drawn in accordance with these terms and conditions. 10.2 If required, the name of the substituted winner will be circulated via the AGA Website for twenty-eight (28) days. 11 Substituted Prizes 11.1 AGA may substitute the Advertised Prize to a Substituted Prize where: 11.1.1 The winner consents in writing to the substituted prize; or 11.1.2 The prize becomes unavailable outside the reasonable control of AGA, and AGA has exhausted all reasonable attempts to obtain the Advertised Prize. 12 Delivery 12.1 The cost of delivery within Australia is included as part of the Advertised Prize. 12.2 AGA will contact the winner to organise delivery, include a time and date, within 48 hours of the draw taking place. 12.3 AGA will organise delivery to the winner on or before 6 November 2018, save and except for any unforeseeable circumstances. 12.3.1 It is the responsibility of the winner to be available to accept delivery on the arranged date and time, or to delegate acceptance of delivery to a third party or agent, to receive the Advertised Prize on their behalf, on or before 6 November 2018. 12.4 Should the winner or their agent be unavailable to accept delivery on or before 6 November 2018, the winner will be liable for any costs, liabilities or losses that arise from the failure to accept delivery. 12.5 If for any reason, the winner is not available to accept delivery on the agreed date, then the expenses incurred for any subsequent deliveries will be at the cost of the winner. 13 Installation 13.1 Installation of the Advertised Prize is not included as part of the prize. 13.2 AGA bears no responsibility for the installation of the prize once it has been given to the winner. 13.3 The winner is responsible for the installation of the prize, including but not limited to all costs associated with the installation. 14 Copyright 14.1 AGA retains all rights to copyrights and intellectual property associated with the prize. 14.2 If the winner disposes of the prize after receiving it, the winner will have regard to AGA’s copyrights and intellectual property rights. 15 Voiding the Contract 15.1 The contract between AGA and a participant is void where these terms and conditions are breached and/or not complied with. 15.2 Where the breaching participant is the winner, and the contract is deemed void, then a substituted winner will replace the winner, in accordance with these terms and conditions. 15.3 The contract is void where the requirements are incomplete or illegible. 15.4 Any illegal activity associated with the entering of the competition will void the contract. 15.5 The contract is void where the entrant acquires the prize for the purpose of resale. 16 Faulty Prize 16.1 AGA requires the winner, and the winner agrees, to inspect the prize for any faults upon delivery. 16.2 The winner is required to notify AGA at the earliest date possible of any faults found. 3 16.3 Provisions relating to warranty of the prize can be found on AGA’s website. 16.4 Returns and faulty prizes are to be dealt with in the manner specified on AGA’s website. 17 General 17.1 It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient space for the prize. 17.2 It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure that they are able to accommodate the specifications for the prize, namely, the electrical requirements. 17.3 The contract is deemed to be offered, accepted and created in the State of Victoria. 17.4 The entrant submits to the jurisdiction of Victoria. 17.5 These terms and conditions are not intended to conflict with the relevant laws and are to be read to the fullest extent permitted by the relevant law.

          Win a luxury dream wedding (SA only)
          These Terms and Conditions govern the Fleurieu Weddings Wedding Giveaway. All other information provided prior to entering the Fleurieu Weddings Wedding Giveaway, including any instructions on how to enter the Fleurieu Weddings Wedding Giveaway, form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in Fleurieu Weddings Wedding Giveaway is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Any entry not complying with these Terms and Conditions is invalid. No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. HOW TO ENTER 1. To enter couples must: a) Comment on the relevant Facebook or Instagram post and answer in 25 words or less the question "Why should you win a Fleurieu Weddings Wedding?". Entrants must also sign up to the newsletter for a valid entry. Entries close 11.59pm AEST on Sunday 15 July 2018. b) Entrants are invited to "like" or follow" all participating partners: MASE - Event Hire + Design Kuitpo Hall Anamnesis Flowers Of Envy Marry Me Annie D&D Catering Co. Esculent Catering Living Bunch Winning Photography Spoilt Rotten Hair Kombi Cruise Royal Cakery Australia Deviation Acoustic Victor Tours Geddes Wines Kombi Cruise Lucy Romano Photography A F Photobooths Scott Ferguson Formalwear Disclaimer: this Competition is not affiliated with, sponsored by or administered by Instagram or Facebook. WHO CAN ENTER 2. Entry is only open to residents of South Australia, Australia who are eighteen years (18) or older and eligible to marry, including same sex couples. Employees (and their immediate families) of the Promoter, participating partners and agencies associated with this Competition are ineligible to enter. Immediate family means any of the following: spouse, ex-spouse, de-facto spouse, child or step-child (whether natural or by adoption), parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister or 1st cousin. 3. The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and entrants (including an entrant’s identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any entrant who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or who tampers with the entry process. Errors and omissions will be accepted at the Promoter’s discretion. Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights. Incomplete or indecipherable entries will be deemed invalid. 4. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that his or her Entry will not be obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encouraging of conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, gives rise to civil liability, or violate any law. 5. The Entrant confirms and warrants that they have full power and authority to enter into this agreement and hereby indemnifies the Promoter from and against any and all costs and damages incurred as a result of any breach of these Terms and Conditions. HOW TO WIN 6. The Competition commences at 12pm AEST on Saturday 12 May 2018 and closes at 11:59pm AEST on Sunday 15 July 2018 (the “Competition Period”). Final Entries must be made before 11:59pm AEST on Sunday 15 July 2018. 7. At the conclusion of the Competition Period, one (1) entry will be selected as a Major Prize winner of the Competition by a panel appointed by the Promoter (the “Winner”), at the Promoter’s sole discretion. The Winner will be chosen at based on the most creative answer to our 25 words of less question, this is a competition of skill. 8. The Winner shall be determined by Tanya and Faye from Fleurieu Weddings at and announced within 14 days of the competition period. The decision is final and binding upon all entrants and no correspondence will be entered into. Entrants who are not winners will not receive any notification at all. The Winner shall be notified via Instagram and Facebook with an announcement on the Fleurieu Weddings accounts, as well as a direct email or phone call. If the Winner does not respond to contact within 72 hours, the Major Prize will be given to a different entrant. THE PRIZE 9. The Major Prize winner (1 couple) will receive the following: • A wedding for up to 70 guests, not including the bridal party of up to 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen at Kuitpo Hall on Sunday 24 March 2019 (Valued at over $16,000!) Venue - Kuitpo Hall  Kuitpo Hall (  Decor - MASE Events 772 Brookman Rd, Kuitpo SA 5201) venue hire valued at $1045 Includes outdoor festoon lights (valued at $528) and rubbish removal (Valued at $77)  All items are subject to availability  Only available on in-house stock sub hired items are not included  All custom pieces including signage would be charged additionally  Valued at $880 Invites - Winning Photography  Personalised invitations, maximum 100  Printed matte, 107mm x 139mm with standard white envelopes  Valued at $200 Celebrant - Marry Me Annie  Up to 3 meetings at my home office and unlimited correspondence in writing/email/phone  Completion and lodgement of the Notice of Intention to Marry and Marriage certificates  A Rehearsal if required at an agreed upon location  Use of a professional PA system with aux input for music if needed  Preparation and writing of a ceremony you desire  Officiating at your wedding ceremony on the day  Use of my table and 2 chairs decorated with white fabric for the signing of the register and during the ceremony  Arriving at not less than 30 minutes before the ceremony to make certain everything is in order and to liaise with venue staff  Valued at $695 Photography - Lucy Romano    All day Photography A full day is until 10pm. Package is all inclusive of pre-wedding planning meetings, my time, travel and editing, all high resolution edited images (usually around 400 sometimes more) on a beautifully packaged USB Valued at $3000 Catering - D & D Catering  Entree: Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce Dipping Sauce Arancini Balls Spring Rolls (Vegetable)  Main Course: Portuguese Charcoal Cooked Chicken (GF) Pork Rolled Roast (GF) Glam Ya Lamb Roast (GF) Garden Salad (GF) Coleslaw Roast Potatoes Dinner Roll  Valued at $3150 Dessert - Esculent Catering  Choice of 5 individual desserts (to be selected from caterers list provided to the client)  2 pieces per person  Styling to suit theme - linens, props + serving ware  Staff - set up only  Cocktail Napkins + Disposable spoons (if required for cup style desserts)  Table to be supplied by venue unless otherwise arranged/advised with caterer  Valued at $610 Alcohol - Geddes Wines Cake - Royal Cakery  Four boxes of red wine  Red wine only, Will drop off to Kuitpo Hall on the day  Wedding Cake, 3 Tier, 9” 6” 4”, serves 88 cocktail sizes  Buttercream cake, ether Semi Naked Design or Buttercream Ridged Design  Each tier can be a different flavour  No flowers or Cake Signs included  Not a dietary/allergy Cake, this is available at an extra charge  Upgrades available at an extra charge  Free Delivery Included  Value $300 Music - Deviation Acoustic Basic package  Acoustic live music to welcome and entertain your guests before the ceremony commences  Acoustic live music without limits throughout your entire wedding ceremony  Acoustic live music while guests disperse  travel costs included  all equipment and set up included  acoustic guitar and voice  subject to availability of Deviation Acoustic  songs not on Deviation Acoustic's set list will incur an extra charge Entertainment - A F Photobooths  2 hour photo booth hire  2 picture strips printed  Digital copy of all the pictures  No album  Valued at $585 Flowers - Flowers of Envy  1 bride bouquet  3 wrist corsages  4 buttonholes  Seasonal blooms only, additional flowers for cake etc can be added at an additional cost  Valued at $600 Bonbonniere - Living Bunch  One Succulent napkin ring with a thank you tag for every guest  Valued at $625 Makeup - Anamnesis  4x makeup includes disposable lashes and lip pot touch ups  Either airbrush or conventional available  Plus 1 free trial for bride only located at my Seaford studio  Valued at $320 Hair - Spoilt Rotten  For bride and three bridesmaids  Package includes a trial for the bride and maid of honor  Only up style included in the package, any colour, cut etc. will be at an extra cost  Valued $480 Menswear - Scott Ferguson Formalwear  Free suit Hire for the Groom and grooms man.  Total 2 x complete hires value $400 ( Suit, shirt, ties and shoes) Guest Transport - Victor Travel & Tours  Wedding transfers within the Fleurieu for up to 48 people with up to 5 pickup and drop off points  Value $990.00 Bride Transport - Kombi Cruise  Pick up from Adelaide CBD or the Southern area  Will include one run, pick up bridal party and take them to Kuitpo hall  3 hours hire  1 Kombi, seating for up to 6 in total and the 3 hours starting from when we arrive at the first pick-up address.  Our general hire is for a 3 hour period which will usually allow around an hour for some great photos with our classic Kombi.  Additional info required for your schedule: a. b. c. d. e. 12. If Winner is not contactable or the Prize is not claimed by the Winner prior to 15 August 2018, the Prize will be forfeited and will be awarded to an alternate winner. The Promoter reserves the right to reselect an alternative Winner as necessary to distribute the Major Prize. RELEASE FOR PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES 13. The Winners agree to participate in any promotional activities associated with the Prize such as public appearances, photo opportunities or media interviews, as might be required by the Promoter. The Winners agrees to the Promoter using the Winner’s likeness and image for any purpose related to the Prize and Competition as well as any promotional use in advertising, editorial and trade publications without further compensation or notice, unless prohibited by law. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY 14. If this Competition is interfered with in any way or is not capable of being conducted as reasonably anticipated due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter, the Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to the fullest extent permitted by law (a) to disqualify any entrant; or (b) subject to any written directions from a regulatory authority, to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the promotion, as appropriate. 15. Any cost associated with accessing Instagram and mobile applications is the Entrant’s responsibility and is dependent on the Internet service provider used. The use of any automated software or any other mechanical or electronic means that allows an entrant to automatically enter repeatedly is prohibited and will render all entries submitted by that entrant invalid. 16. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the competition, including, but not limited to, where arising out of the Any special requests: e.g. small children, extra luggage etc Please note: the luggage compartment of our kombi's is limited so please ensure you notify us in advance should you require to store items whilst travelling. Any vehicle access issues we should be aware of for our vintage fleet (e.g steep driveways, car park restricted vehicle height, uneven/unsealed road surface etc.) Please note we cannot carry small children who require a car seat as our Kombis do not have seat belts fitted. Please note our Kombis do not have air conditioning but do have vintage styled air/con which are front opening windscreens as per the 1960’s. We are happy to carry any alcohol in our esky's although we are not permitted to allow alcohol to be consumed whilst we are driving. following: (a) any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the Promoter’s control); (b) any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference; (c) any variation in gift value to that stated in these Terms and Conditions; (d) any tax liability incurred by a entrant; or (e) use of a Prize. 17. The Promoter and its associated agencies shall not be liable in any way if the performance of obligations hereunder is delayed or becomes impossible by reason of any significant weather event, war, fire, earthquake, strike, sickness, accident, civil commotion or any other cause. PRIVACY POLICY & CONSENT 18. The Promoter only collects the personal details submitted/opted into at competition entry. If your entry is selected as a winning entry, you will be contacted by Fleurieu Weddings through the submitted contact details for the purposes of distributing your prize to you. All entrants agree to have their contact information shared with the sponsors of the giveaway. PROMOTERS DETAILS 19. The Promoter is Fleurieu Weddings ABN 72 660 173 093. 20. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the law of South Australia, Australia.