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Win an iPhone 7 RED

Value:   $1,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2019-12-31

Kathy is the lucky winner this time to get a brand new iPhone, congratulations! The latest iPhone 7 of course - only the best for our winner! It has got some exciting new features like an even more advanced camera, extended battery life, it’s splash and water resistance and and and...

Anyway, it just got delivered to her a couple of days ago and here is the happy photo showing her with the little darling in elegant black. Kathy, we are sure that your daughters are not jealous but are most happy for you (maybe just a tiny bit jealous ;)

Kathy iPhone winner

In case someone was wondering - we can confirm that this giveaway comes absolutely free of charge, delivered to the doorstep of the winner and the iPhone is not locked to a particular network either. It’s just charge and go!! Enjoy your new Apple toy, Kathy!

The AussieContests iPhone Giveaway 2017 just started so if anyone wants to have a go at becoming this years winner, check it out here:


Competitions to win a cruise

Join competitions to win cruise tickets all around the world. Win a free river cruise on the Loire and see French Chateaus or on the Rhine to visit German medieval castles. See the Norwegian fjords on a Nordic cruise. Enjoy the tropical waters of South East Asia or the Carribean. Competitions where you can win a cruise are done by many cruise operators such as Scenic Tours, Orion and Celebrity Cruise and others not even based in Australia but targeting Australian travellers interested in cruises. Also by travel sites such as offer cruises as competition prizes. Given the popularity of cruise contests they are often also run by TV stations such as Channel 9 or Channel Ten. We list here the latest ocean and river cruises open to Australian participants.

Competitions to win a Holden car

Holden cars competitions to win a Barina Spark, Volt or Cruze. Win a Holden SUV Captiva 5, Captiva 7 or Colorado 7. We find competitions run by Holden ( directly, Holden dealers or others who just want to give out a really cool prize. Join competitions for Australia Elizabeth-made Holden's and imported GM cars and drive away in your free Commodore or Holden Sportwagon!

Competitions to win a trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas holiday competitions are often run with movie launches like the Hangover and others that play in the world's gambling campital. The Herald Sun, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, Who Magazine and Hoyts may have Las Vegas competitions. Win a trip to Las Vegas and enter the glitzy world of huge casinons. Spend a night at Ceaser's Palace, New York or other famous casino hotels. Competition prizes may include a stretch limo ride and tickets to Las Vegas shows and concerts. You do not have to be into gambling to enjoy a free trip to Las Vegas, just watching the punters and high rollers at the roulette or baccara table can be fun and some trip to Las Vegas contests include activities like visiting Death Valley or nearby Los Angeles and a visit to Hollywood.

Competitions to win a trip to Hollywood

A visit to Hollywood is all around stars and movies. Competitons with a trip to Hollywood as major prize are often run in connection with a new Hollywood movie launch in the cinemas, on DVD or Blu-Ray. This may be organized by the movie producers. Also Australian TV stations like Channel Seven or Ten often run such contests around popular US television series. Even Nickelodeon runs comps for a family holiday in Hollywood. Your free trip to Hollywood will often include a 4 or 5 star hotel, visting Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and some tour of Beverly Hills and other neighbourhoods for the rich and famous. You may also get some star like treatment in a cheesy stretchlimo ride. Some prizes are more family oriented and you get to vist amusement parks as part of the prize. A major highlight often is a visit to a movie production like Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios or even attending the Academy Awards with the Oscars ceremony.

Competitions to win a Peugeot

Peugeot competitions are often run by French brands or of course the Australian Peugeot dealers on introduction of new models. Competitions for a Peugeot 207, 208 or 308 3-door or 5-door model are most common and despite being a small car it is real fun car to drive. Real fun for summer drive are the Peugeot 207 CC and 308 CC convertible cars. For Peugeot cars the models with a four digit number are the bigger brother of the similar 3 digit number version, e.g. a Peugeot 3008 is an SUV whereas the 308 is a related touring car. You can win a Peugeot 4007 or 4008 SUV as well and recently Yoplait did a Peugeot 5008 car which is quite a sizeable 7 seater car for even a large family. In terms of coolness the Peugeot RCZ coupe sports car is of course the best prize. We always list the latest Peugeot competitions here.

    Win contests with Channel 7. Yahoo!7 TV is the home of all your favourite Channel 7 shows and our free comprehensive Australian TV Guide and that is where you can find Channel Seven competitions. Everybody knows Yahoo for giving us free email addresses but they also show contests on their pages. This may be either their own competitions or just a promotion for their partners' contests. Channel Seven gives out prizes like holiday trips, cruises and tickets for events. Often the giveaways are linked to TV programmes or movie launches. Given that they promote these contests a lot there is typically thousands of participants so the odds of winning are not that great. Nevertheless I think it is worth joining because the prizes can be of quite high value and particpation is usually easy and can be quite fun sometimes.

   - Connection the Australian Channel

              Channel 10 are coming up with new competition all the time and typically they are not only exciting but also rather high value. They have re-branded their website TENplay recently but we find that silly and stick to Channel Ten for now. That was good for years so why not keep it that way. Channel 10 comps often are holidays and experience trips around new movie launches or TV series. There is also lifestyle prizes around food and cooking associated with programmes like MasterChef. We even find the odd competition to win car with Ten. Previous holiday competitions were for trips to Los Angeles, often visiting Holliwood, but also London, Bali, San Francisco or Japan. Basically any destination were new big movies are playing or were shot. Most Channel Ten competitions are free to join, very rarely a purchase of some product is necessary. Most of the time they are either a random draw or lottery type. Sometimes you also need to answer a simple question like something about the movie that is celebrated with the particular giveaway. In that case the hint can be found on itself.

              History Channel has competitions around their programmes. Win holidays or activities to experience history.

                That's Life on Yahoo 7 Lifestyle

                  Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 + Gear S2 Be one of the first to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 when it is being released in Australia in 2016. To enter, just register on the FunClub Apple promotion page.

                  Win an Apple iPhone 7 To enter this competition, complete your details now and stand to win an Apple iPhone 7!

                  Win the new Apple iPhone 7 To enter, answer a short questionnaire about Apple product and register with your contact details. With some luck you could be selected as the new iPhone 7 tester and keep the product!

                  Win an NVIDIA GeForce To enter the competition, simply go to the link and subscribe to related channel and comment on any of the CES 2019 videos that will be posting throughout January.

                  Win 7 trip of your choice To enter the competition and be eligible to win the Prize, Entrants must, during the Promotional Period, complete the steps on how to enter the Promotion at

                  Win a Hunter Valley Gourmet Escape For your chance to win this Hunter Valley gourmet escape valued at $7,735, simply go to the link and enter your details!.