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Australia's most popular cars

Car giveawayas are quite common in Australia and our members definitely love them. They always rank among the most clicked in our listings. We had over hundred car competitions listed this year and people have clicked them on our site hundreds of thousands of times. All of this accumulated data made us a bit dizzy but then we thought we could maybe make some fun statistics out of this that could be of interest both to our members as well as promoters. So here it is.

In our little study we excluded all non personal cars like motor homes of which there were many given away and trucks (yes we also had 2 truck giveaways!). Left with just the personal cars we found the following numbers for the first nine months of this year.

In total we have listings with 111 car giveaways. Just looking at the the top 12 we found these

Pos BrandNo of listings%
1 Nissan 1416%
2 Ford 910%
3 Holden 910%
4 Toyota 910%
5 Hyundai 89%
6 Mazda 78%
7 Audi 67%
8 Kia 67%
9 Suzuki 67%
10 Mercedes Benz 56%
11 Porsche 45%
12 BMW 33%

What surprised us here was that Suzuki was only on position 9. Somehow we thought they would be all the way up because there seemed to be some Suzuki competitions going on all the time and they were also well done. Seems like we watched The Block too much and they confused us with their good marketing (good job Suzuki!). In addition, we also had Honda, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Volvo with two each, and Chevrolet, Chrysler, Isuzu, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, MINI, Skoda, Subaru, Proton with one competition each.

Let's compare that with the most recent data on car sales in Australia that we could find (source: http://bestsellingcarsblog.com, data for September 2013)

1 Toyota
2 Holden
3 Hyundai
4 Mazda
5 Ford
6 Mitsubishi
7 Nissan
8 Volkswagen
9 Subaru
10 Kia
11 Mercedes Benz
12 Honda

Quite interesting, right? Missing in our top dozen list are Subaru, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen. Instead, we have Porsche, BMW, and Audi. In summary, two Japanese and one German high selling cars are missing and we got three top German brands into the list instead. Does that mean the Germans are more generous at giving away their beloved cars for free than the Japanese? That is not necessarily the case because those car prizes are often not sponsored by the car manufacturs. Instead, various companies who have nothing to do with cars run these free car promotions to get the highest attention. Thus, Porsche, Audi and BMW make it into the list because they are believed to get the highest traction.

Now the next thing we looked at was how popular this car competitions turned out with our members. For this we checked how many times each car brand's listing was clicked. Those with more listings got of course relatively more clicks just because of the higher number of competitions. So to correct that we divided the number of clicks by the number of listings for each of the vehicle brands.

Here is the result of all that number crunching and it is really quite surprising:

Pos (change) Brand
1 (+ 6) Audi
2 (+ 10) BMW
3 (+ 8) Porsche
4 (+ 3) Nissan
5 (- 2) Holden
6 (- 3) Suzuki
7 (+ 3) Mercedes Benz
8 (- 4) Toyota
9 (- 3) Mazda
10 (- 8) Ford
11 (- 6) Hyundai
12 (- 4) Kia

What happened here is quite obvious. Those premium cars moved up at the expense of the mainstream vehicles.

One thing that comes to mind is that maybe our members click mainly based on the dollar value of the car. However, that is not quite the explanation. For example some of the Toyotas listed where really big size and expensive cars that were not any cheaper than some of the entry model Audis that made it to the top. So that does not seem to be the reason for this result.

Actually, our interpretation of this is that when it comes for free cars people go for the more exciting stuff. Car sales maybe are more driven by the objective to make the most practical and economical buying decision. In contract, for car competitions people may want to go for something extraordinary, something that they may never buy for practical considerations but would be so exciting to drive. If you win a non practical car for free nobody will say you made a silly purchase. Rather your friends will envie you.

One last question is regarding the least popular cars. Here, our data is not so reliable because for a lot of the car brands we only had just one listing. So that may not be so reliable. Nevertheless we can share here that Proton was exciting our members the least.

Enter competitions where something is required of you

It might be that you have to submit a photo you took, write a short story or answer some questions. Some competitions also would like you to describe why you should win this particular prize. This IS more work, yes, but many people are put off just because of this and here lies your chances. Again, less entries means greater chances for you and you can attract the judges’ attention with your photo/story/funny reply in order to be the number one winner! Sometimes, you need to buy a product/spend some money with a particular card/be a paying member in order to qualify to enter that particular competition. Such competitions often have less entries so it is worth considering if you want to use those increase chances and get that product. Maybe it is something you wanted anyway?!

Find competitions that are genuine, fair and correct

Most competitions you find online are actually genuine but there is some odd stuff that you better want to avoid. In Australia most states require a licence to conduct trade promotion lotteries. The rules are a bit confusting but as a guideline you can assume that any lucky draw open to all of Australia must have a licence issued by New South Wales. This NSW licence number should be listed in the terms and conditions!

This means reading the terms and conditions. This might seem boring but it is better to be safe than sorry. Check if entries can be submitted only once or multiple times. If multiple times, decide for yourself if you want to compete with others who might submit one, two, fifty, hundreds….times. Be careful when too many private details are requested of you. Does it make sense? Especially if your credit card no. is asked for. We do try to go through all the competitions we list to make sure they seem real and honest, but we cannot take any responsibility. In the end it is you who enter and give out your details so check, just to be on the safe side.

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