Words-or-Less Competitions Australia

Understand Words-or-Less to win in Australian competitions. Participating in a words-or-less competitions is very easy:
Strictly speaking to join a words-or-less competition you only need to write some text and comply with the word limit. So if it is a 25-words-or-less you really must not exceed that word limit or otherwise your entry will be disqualified no matter how good it is. Now that is easy enough but to make your entry a winner you also need to come up with something good that will capture the attention of the competition prize jury.
See my other blog for the complete guide to winning Australian words-or-less competitions.

Did you ever wonder why brands are actually doing words-or-less competitons? Words-or-less competitions are very very common in Australia for a number of reasons:
  1. They are fun to do
    Many people enjoy entering words-or-less competitions pretty much like they enjoy solving some puzzle.
  2. Words-or-less for marketing
    Competitions are often done by brands to create some buzz for their products. They may select words-or-less competitoins because this makes consumer engage with their product or brand as they get creative to write their winning entry.
  3. Legal reasons
    Words-or-less competitions are games of skill which do not require a licence for the organizer. This is different from lucky draws which are governed by the various states' trade promotion lottery acts. Thus, organizing a words-or-less competitions involves much less red tape than a straight lucky draw.

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