Trade Promotion Lotteries - Lucky Draws and how to spot a genuine vs fake one

Lucky draws or raffles in which participants in a competition win by chance are regulated by law. Legally such lucky draw competitions are called Trade Promotions Lotteries in Australia. The lucky draws or raffle competitions are the easiest form of competitions with very simple and fast participation. To enter you only need to register with your details. Check here for the best Australian random draw competitons

Australian Trade Promotion Lotteries are governed by state law i.e. each state has their own regulation. In summary, the rules of individual states are somewhat similar. Most states require the organizer of a Trade Promotion Lottery to apply for a licence which covers the promotion period and is tied to a particular competition, prize and terms and conditions. However, each state's law has somewhat different regulations when it comes to the details. For example usually a licence is only required if the value of the prize pool exceeds a certain amount. Also some states (such as Western Australia) do not require a dedicated state licence if another Australian state has granted a licence already.
You can find the actual state level regulation here: Now that is an aweful lot of reading material and you probably find that reading that legal stuff will take out the fun out of joining competitons! I agree and there is actually a simpler way to find out if something is genuine:
In practice most major lucky draw competitions are open for all Australian residents. Thus, the brand organizing the raffle will need to have the licences that allow them to do so in all states. If you look at the details of the regulations you will find that NSW not only is the most populous state but also has more stringent rules that many other states. Also several states grant permission for a competition without a dedicated state-level licence if an NSW licence has already been issued. Thus, a competition for all of Australia will always have to display the NSW Trade Promotion Licensing number!
In summary, the may thing for you to look out for is the New South Wales Trade Promotion Licence number which must be displayed in the terms and conditions or on the landing page of the website. So look out for something like this:
Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/12/012345
The NSW licences always start with LTPS.

When you check the terms of different competitions you will find that often but not always they also list
ACT Permit No. TP12/01234 and
VIC Permit No. 12/2589.
These are the licence numbers for ACT and VIC, respectively. However, if a competition has to display them or need depends on the value of the prize given out. So even ACT and VIC permits are not listed and you only see the NSW permit that may still be genuine and fully legally compliant.

One exception to all of this is South Australia. SA has their own independent and slightly more complicated regulations and licensing process (South Australia Trade Promotion Lotteries). So if you are a resident of SA you should actually look out for a specific South Australia licence number which looks like this:
SA Licence No. T12/1234.

So for most of us the rule of thumb is: Look out for an NSW permit number ( LTPS...) to check if an all-Australian lucky draw competition is genuine!

Remember of course that this is only true for lucky draws - if it is a game of skill such as a
Words-Or-Less competition there is no legal requirement for any licence whatsoever. ©AussieContests 2013-02-23