Finally another Caption Contest

I was complaining a few months ago that we do not get enough Caption Contests in Australia. Unfortunately, not much has happened since then and there are still not may. Really a pity because I think they can be a nice change from all those 25 Words Or Less competitions that make us work so hard. I love competitions where you need to write a picture caption because it almost always ends with a laugh. Especially, when you can see other participants attempts at making a funny caption for a photo it really is entertaining.

Now complained enough for today... I am happy to announce that we found a nice caption contest again! In this competition you can win two bottles of champagne if you come up with the best caption for this picture:

Caption Contest        Caption Contest 2

I really hope we will be getting more such caption contests and in anticipation of all the stuff to come we set up a new section just for Australian caption contests. ©AussieContests 2013-06-04