St. Patrick's Parade Competition

Win an amazing holiday in Ireland for two. Tourism Ireland has got a great competition right now that I just have to tell you about. The prizes, a trip to Ireland, is very nice of course, and to enter is a lot of fun too.

How to enter?, Well, you are supposed to create a fabulous float using fun details and characters from the online application (the pages take a little while to open, but it is worth it). Your float can then enter into The Fantastic St. Patrick's Parade which you can see immediately and then get your friends to like. The 20 floats with the most likes are the ones that enter into the final prize draw. You can watch floats already made by other people to get some ideas of what you could do.

The pages are very well done and look inviting, I think, and it is a fresh change from your usual 'word or less' competition, definitely! The competition is linked to Facebook, but if you are not on Facebook you can enter anyway, just follow the link. Win Ireland holiday

I proudly present you my float, show me if you can do better!
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