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The fifht generation iPad, the iPad Air, has finally become available. Some refer to it as iPad 5 but Apple calls it iPad Air in reference to the thin Macbook Air laptop and that name will probably stick. The very thin thickness of the iPad Air is certainly its most striking feature. It does not sound like a great innovation but when you hold it in your hands you can really feel the difference. It is only 7.5mm thick. What is next, digital paper? Apple has sold more than 170 million iPads so they know what they are doing and the new model shows that. The iPad Air shares the A7 processor with the iPhone 5S. It is one of the first 64-bit processors used in tablets and has about double the speed of previousl models. The table also became about 30% lighter than previous models and part of that reduction comes from a small battery. Nevertheless, the lifetime of one full charnge is still around 10 hours which is similar to the previous model. The new camera has a resolution of 5 mega pixels and can take videos in 1080p. If you are not familiar with those numbers we can share that is about the quality of a higher end dedicated video camera just a few years ago. The iPad Air comes with these combinations of wireless type and memory size: iPaid Air Wi-Fi with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB and iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. If you have a number of iPad Air contests to choose from always go for the highest memory size and both Wi-Fi and Cellular. Even if you do not use mobile broadband right now it is always better to have it just in case. Things are changing so quickly with technology and you may end up using only wireless broadband in the future so better be prepared. The new iPad comes in two colours, space grey and silver. In contrast the iPhone 5S also has a gold version but honestly we find that too kitch so we would not miss it for the iPad Air. You may also want to browse for related prizes in our section with Electronics competitions. We are also showing similar completed competitions which we have in our archive because there is always a chance that a completed contest is started again by the organizer. If you cannot find your special wish in our list you can try a competition in the category vouchers or money which you can use to get what you are really looking for.

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Win an iPad Air & $50 Gift Card

Value:   $2,300
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Ends  2020-09-25
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