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The best Australian competitions to win books, paperbacks, crime, romance and other novels as well as various magazines for children and adults. We also show competitions where you can win subscriptions, gift cards for bookstores and newspaper or magazine publications. Sure it's nice to be able to fill the bookshelf at home in the reading corner! Sometimes there are contests where the participants can write a short story, article, etc. to win great prizes.

We constantly find new competitions to win books by the publisers like Penguin or Random House. Most of the time it the latest novels that just came out and they do promotion to get people interested in their new books. The prize pool in dollars is usually not the high because most of the time it is paperbacks that they are giving away. Nevertheless we really like these competitions because you get a chance to read something which you would not have bought yourself. Maybe you find a new exciting author or a whole genre of literature that you did not explore before. Most of the book prizes for paperbacks consitsts of a price pack of four to five books. Sometimes a book is given out together with some other prize, e.g a recent novel about life in Paris came together with a free trip to Paris where you could experience the real places where the novel's hero spend his fictious life.

All Australian magazines have some competitions every now and then where they give away a subscription of their magazine. A lot of it is short subscriptions or just one sample mag but we also have competitions for a free magazine subscription for a whole year. Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire are examples of these. Reader's Digest also does a lot of competitions but often the prize is not the actual magazine but some other prize to get you interested in reading their publications. Most publishers have such competitions for their readers where you can win stuff beyond the actual magazine. If you are looking for those competitions please check our relevant category for the prize you are looking rather than this page.

Cookbook competitions are also very common. Similary you can win good food and wine guides in many competitions. The competitions are of run by cooking related programmes like MasterChef, lifestyle magazines like MiNDFood or by organizations like Visit Vineyards. Lots of Jamie Oliver books of course but also many naked or dressed cooks. We find a lot of these cook book and wine guides competitions. Very often the entry period is bit short for thse so if you are after winning a cookbook you should check this page often.

However, there are many ways to enter the competition on this page. Each organizer of the competition have different requirements. Some use a randomized system so you only need to fill out the online forms provided as easy as when you enter competitions in supermarkets. However, there are also organizers that require competition participants to fill out surveys to be able to participate in the competition, some of them also requiring reposting a post on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even requiring the purchase of a particular product. You are expected to be more careful and pay close attention to any competition requirements you follow to avoid fraud and increase your chances to win.

Books & Magazines

Win 5 Cookbook Packs

Value:   $700
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-06-21
Books & Magazines

Win a Cookbook Prize Pack from Pan Macmillan.

Value:   $109
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-06-10
Books & Magazines

Win a Kindle Paperwhite plus Amazon Gift Card

Value:   $300
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-06-28
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