Win an Aussie Crime Drama 1% on DVD

To enter the competition, simply fill the form and tell them In 25 word or less, tell us why you want to have this Aussie film in your collection.
Win an Aussie Crime
:    $100
No. of prizes
:    5
:    free
Competition type  
:    Words or less competitions  
:    This competition is already closed


"Win an Aussie Crime Drama 1% on DVD" is a competition by Screen Realm and has a prize pool of $100 for 5 prizes. The prize pool is not great. As expected participation is free. 1% is a story of brotherhood, loyalty, ambition and betrayal, set within the world of Australian motorcycle gangs. This modern-day Macbeth follows Paddo (Ryan Corr), heir to the throne of the Copperheads MC who must assume the mantle whilst club leader Knuck (Matt Nable, who also wrote the screenplay) does time in jail. The rating is also reflecting that we have only seen a few of this promoters competitions.
Our rating: 2.5 (of 5.0)   © AussieContests,
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