Win a Dishwasher

Sign up for Club Betta & register your interest to become a Club Betta Tester! This month two lucky participants will have the chance to test, review & own the Westinghouse WSF6606XA Freestanding Dishwasher 60CM . If you are selected, all you have to do is test your product, write your review, upload a picture of if it in use to your review(Insta worthy shots encouraged) and it's yours to keep - it's that easy
Win a Dishwasher
:    $1,400
No. of prizes
:    2
:    free
Competition type  
:    Random draw Competition  
:    This competition is already closed


Win a Dishwasher is a competition by various organizers and has a prize pool of $1,400 for 2 prizes. The overall prize value is just average for this type contest. Entry to this competition is entirely free. Would love to win this contest since our dishwasher is broken lately and kinda happy to find this contest where we have a chance to get the dishwasher for free. This contest is free to join and no fee required at all! We have reviewed competitions by this brand quite a few times before.
Our rating 4 of 5.0    ©AussieContests, 2020-03-21

Tips for joining a Random draw Competition

Check out the overview of contest types to learn more on how to enter and find similar contests. Lucky draw or random draw competitions where the winning is based entirely on chance. The winner is determined in a raffle draw where all entries have the same chance. This is the most common form of Australian competitions. One big advantage is that entry is very simple. You just sign up with your contact details and your in the draw to win the prize. Sometimes you have the possibility of several entries which you can do to increase your chances. Or you get the rest of your family to sign up as well to increase your chances to win even more. Because participation is so easy you should sign up to many of them and indeed some compers have a routine to sign up with half a dozen random draw raffle competitions every day. In Australia random draw competitions are actually tightly regulated by the law at state or territory level. Legally these competitions are called trade promotion lottery. These law protects us as consumers as they are made to ensure the terms are not misleading and the prizes are really given out as stated. Also the authorities looking after these licences follow up if there are serious complaints about an errant organizer of such a competition. Given that you may win really high value prizes like $10,000 or even $100,000 cash, a $20,000 holiday or cars worth above $50,000 this really makes a lot of sense. To read more you can read our blog on rules for Australia trade promotion lotteries.

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Terms and conditions of the competition "Win a Dishwasher"
according to the competition's organizers. Register before 5th April 2020 to be eligible. Within 14 days of receipt of the Test Product, Participants must use the Test Product and submit a review of the Test Product via the review button on the product page. 1 -2 quality photographs of the product in use must be uploaded with the review. Participants agree to provide honest feedback regarding the Test Product and that any review provided will be a true reflection of the participant’s opinion. Reviews can be positive or negative, and this will not impact on a Participant’s ability to remain part of the Program or keep the Test Product. However, if a Participant fails to submit their review within 14 days of receipt of the Test Product, they will forfeit the Test Product and must return it to their closest Betta store within seven days of a written request from BSR to do so.
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