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Do you like competitions organized by Smart Line? On this page you can find their latest promotions with free giveaways.

There is many types of Words or Less competitions for internet users in Tasmania. Generally, Smart Line may have competitions that are random lotteries or games of skill. In a random lottery the winner is determined through a lucky draw. Depending on the value of the prize pool, the organizer would need a trade promotion lottery permit in some Australian states. In contract, a game of skill would be a competition which is not dependent on chance. For example a words-or-less competition where you need to enter a short text, motivation or answer a question. Then, a jury appointed by Smart Line would decide on the winner. You really can win lots of stuff on the internet in skill competitions. Both simple entry random competitions as well as those that require some more effort. Smart Line may give out a travel voucher or an Apple iPad to the lucky winner in one of their competitions. Why do they do that actually? Quite simple, it is to promote their brand name or have a chance to get into contact with people who may become potential customers of a travel voucher or an Apple iPad. We list both their currently active and completed contests from our archive.

Win $5,000 Cash from Smartline

Win $5,000 Cash from Smartline

Value:   $5,000
Cost:   free
This competition is already closed

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