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Do you like competitions organized by taste? On this page you can find their latest promotions with free giveaways. There are prizes like e.g. a Thermos Hydration. taste have Random draw competitions and House & Home competitions. If you are looking for their random draw comps just look out for the trade promotion lottery licence number. taste list it at the end of the terms or under the entry form.

There is great prizes to be won in online competitons and those run by taste are a good example. Often you can win vouchers or one of the products that taste is promoting. A big prize pool is always nice but you should also consider comps with smaller value prizes. No matter what size the prize is, it is fun to be contacted by taste when they tell you that you have won. Companies and Aussie brands like taste are doing more and more limerick competition and question and answer competitions. You and compers in Melbourne can take advantage of this and win great freebies like a cruise, a TV or even a smart phone. There is really nothing secret about winning such comps. Just follow the terms and go for it. Before you submit your response cross check the rules and your spelling. We list both their currently active and completed contests from our archive.

Win a Thermos Hydration
House & Home

Win a Thermos Hydration

Value:   $150
Cost:   free
This competition is already closed

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