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Win the most popular prizes in Australian competitions. On this page we have compiled the prizes which are most frequently searched for by visitors of Aussiecontests. Take this shortcut to find and win in your favourite type of contest.
House & Home

Win a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Value:   $650   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2018-12-31

Win $1,000 cash

Value:   $1,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2018-12-31

Competitions to win an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

Win an-iPhone-6s-or-iPhone-6s-Plus
They're here!! Apple has finally released the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. So what's the difference to an iPhone 6? Well, the overall design closely resembles the existing no. 6. Although you can have a 6s in a new rose gold colour, in addition to the existing selection of gold, space grey and.. (read more) - Win an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

Competitions to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Win a-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-and-S6-edge
Samsung will soon bring their new masterpiece smartphone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The latter one with two curved-glass edges, each wrapping the long side of the phone with a smooth, readable display. Samsung calls this a beauty without borders! Other new.. (read more) - Win a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Competitions to win an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Win an-iPhone-6-or-iPhone-6-Plus
If you think bigger is better Apple is doing it for your finally. The iPhone 6 is closing the ranks with the Apple alternatives finally. The new iPhone 6 will definitely trigger a lot of competitions and despite the success of other brands Apple giveaways are still very strong.

The iPhone 6.. (read more) - Win an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Competitions to win a trip to Thailand

Win a-trip-to-Thailand
Whether it is a short city trip to Bangkok, a villa stay on the beach or a diving adventure, Thailand is a very popular destination. Thus, it also makes it a very good giveaway. Compared to other destinations holidays in Thailand are not that often in competitions but we do find them everynow and.. (read more) - Win a trip to Thailand

Competitions to win a motorbike

Win a-motorbike
Motorcycles are not as common as prizes as cars but still there is quite a few given away. Obviously by the motorbike brands like Honda but also by insurances who use these giveaways in their promotions for motor insurance. We even find them as cool major prizes in promotions by brands that are.. (read more) - Win a motorbike

Competitions to win perfume

Win perfume
Fragrance samples are often given away in competitions or simples sampling sign-ups. The perfume brands do that mainly whenver they introduce a new product or celebrate a re-launch of one of their establised perfume brands. You can win fragrances Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani and.. (read more) - Win perfume

Competitions to win an iPad Air

Win an-iPad-Air
The fifht generation iPad, the iPad Air, has finally become available. Some refer to it as iPad 5 but Apple calls it iPad Air in reference to the thin Macbook Air laptop and that name will probably stick. The very thin thickness of the iPad Air is certainly its most striking feature. It does not.. (read more) - Win an iPad Air

Competitions to win a Father's Day giveaway

Win a-Father-s-Day-giveaway
Father's Day is the first Sunday of September. Here is a collection of competition that get you the perfect present for your Dad this Father's Day. A lot of these competitons are words-or-less where you need to share why your dad is the best in the world. That should not be difficult, should it?.. (read more) - Win a Father's Day giveaway

Competitions to win a trip to the Gold Coast

Win a-trip-to-the-Gold-Coast
New Gold Coast holiday competitions are coming in every month or two. We find competitions to win family holidays in the Gold Coast including a stay at resorts like Zagame's Paradise Resort and Sea World Resort. The prize may include tickets to Dreamworld or Whitewater World or other kids friendly.. (read more) - Win a trip to the Gold Coast

Competitions to win a trip to Germany

Win a-trip-to-Germany
Get a free holiday in Germany in these competitions. Visit Berlin the hip German capital with a crazy nightlife, amazing museums and history to experience whereever you go. Go hiking or skiing in the German alps and enjoy Bavarian culture and beer in Munich. Visit castles along the river rhine or.. (read more) - Win a trip to Germany

Competitions to win a BMW

Win a-BMW
A BMW is not only the Ultimate Driving Machine but also the ultimate prize in a win a car competition. Together with Porsche, Audi and Mercedes a BMW is the most sought after prize in Australian car giveaway. BMW stands for Bayerische Motorenwerke, literally Bavarian engine factories and most BMWs.. (read more) - Win a BMW

Competitions to win a Woolworth voucher

Win a-Woolworth-voucher
Vouchers for Woolies are great giveaways that get us free groceries in any of the Woolworth stores around Australia. Very popular among compers who want a prize that helps them with their daily expenses. Woolworth competitions often have these vouchers as a prize. There are Woolworth competitons.. (read more) - Win a Woolworth voucher

Competitions to win a trip to Bali

Win a-trip-to-Bali
Bali holiday competitions treat you to luxurious resort or villa stays on the 'Island of the Gods'. Enjoy the landscapes of Bali with beautiful beaches, mountains and picturesque rice terraces. Go on a shopping trip for Balinese arts, souvenirs and home decoration in Jimbaran. Get pampered with SPA.. (read more) - Win a trip to Bali

Competitions to win a trip to London

Win a-trip-to-London
Here you find all competitions to win a holiday to London packed with sightseeing, pub crawling, shopping everything else that this great city has to offer. Flighs to Heathrow and 4 or 5 star hotel stay near the City are typically part of the prize. Enjoy the historic sights like the Tower of.. (read more) - Win a trip to London

Competitions to win a trip to Las Vegas

Win a-trip-to-Las-Vegas
Las Vegas holiday competitions are often run with movie launches like the Hangover and others that play in the world's gambling campital. The Herald Sun, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, Who Magazine and Hoyts may have Las Vegas competitions. Win a trip to Las Vegas and enter the glitzy world of huge.. (read more) - Win a trip to Las Vegas

Competitions to win a motorhome

Win a-motorhome
Motorhomes are an exciting competition prize and despite the high price tag they are actually given away quite often in Australian competitions. Whether it is a simple two/three berth campervan or a large four or six berth campervan with toilet and shower. There is also competitions to win 4WD.. (read more) - Win a motorhome

Competitions to win a trip to New York

Win a-trip-to-New-York
Win a holiday to see the Big Apple NYC! The city that never sleeps is one of the most exciting places to visit on earth. Join the competitions and stroll around Central Park, see the statue of liberty on Ellis Island. Some prizes includes activities like a broadway musical, generous pocket money.. (read more) - Win a trip to New York

Competitions to win Panasonic kitchen appliances

Win Panasonic-kitchen-appliances
Panasonic microwaves, steamers, fridges and more to be won in these competitions. Win a Panasonic Microwave or Panasonic air conditioning. Join Panasonic.. (read more) - Win Panasonic kitchen appliances

Competitions to win a trip to Paris

Win a trip to Paris
Win a holiday in paris and visit capital of France and allegedly a capital of love and romance. Visit the Eiffel tower, see masterpieces in the Louvre museum and take a trip on the river Seine along l'Ile de Paris and Notre Dame cathedral. Win a romantic trip with dinner on the Champs Elysees and.. (read more) - Win a trip to Paris

Competitions to win a Toyota car

Win a Toyota car
Competitions to win a Toyota Yaris, Prius, Corolla or Camry. Drive away with your Toyota Hybrid or SUV. Toyota Australa regularly helds free competitions but also other companies are sometimes given away free Toyota cars for their marketing campaigns. Win a Toyota RAV-4, FJ Cruiser, Kluger or even.. (read more) - Win a Toyota car

Competitions to win a Suzuki car

Win a Suzuki car
Competitions to win a Suzuki Swift, SX4, Splash, Carry or other Suzuki car. See the entire range of Suzuki cars on www.suzuki.com.au. Suzuki and Suzuki dealers are running competitions to make their brand more exciting. Recently they gave away a customized Swift with arty paintwork but also the.. (read more) - Win a Suzuki car

Competitions to win a trip to Fiji

Win a trip to Fiji
Grab a free holiday to Fiji with these free online competitions. Fiji is an awesome holiday destination. Join these contests and fly off to your dream holiday in Fiji. Win a trip to the heart of the South Pacific with its 333 tropical islands which are home to happiness. Enjoy Fiji's white sand.. (read more) - Win a trip to Fiji

Competitions to win Le Creuset cookware

Win Le Creuset cookware
Le Creuset's cast iron set makes an exceptional giveaway, especially for newlyweds or anyone outfitting a new kitchen. Popular cookware staples are the 3 1/2-quart round French oven, 1 1/4-quart Precision Pour saucepan and 9" Signature skillet. Colorful, long-lasting exterior enamel resists.. (read more) - Win Le Creuset cookware

Competitions to win a Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card

Win a Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card
www.bunnings.com.au Bunnings Warehouse Gift Cards are very popular prizes. Most of these competitions are not organized by Bunnings Warehouse but rather just purchasing their gift cards to give them out as prizes in their competitons. If it is a simple entry kind of lucky draw you can usually.. (read more) - Win a Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card

Competitions to win free trips

Win free trips
Free trips and holidays are very popular prizes in Australian competitions and you see them offered by a lot of organizers of free online competitions. Check this page for a selection of really cool free trips to be won. Under our prize category (read more) - Win free trips

Competitions to win a Nissan car

Win a Nissan car
Competitions to get a free Nissan Micra, Leaf, Almera, Tiida, Pulsa or Maxima hatchback or sedan. Win a Nissan sports car 370Z Coupe, 307Z Roadster or GT-R. How about winning a Nissa Murano, Dualis or X-Trail SUV? Find all these cars on Nissan Australia www.nissan.com.au or win them them here for.. (read more) - Win a Nissan car

Competitions to win a Macbook

Win a Macbook
Apple's Macbook MacBook Pro, Retina, 13-inch or 15-inch, LED-backlit display with IPS technology, dual-core Intel Core i5 processor or Apple's Macbook Air are one of the coolest laptops to win in.. (read more) - Win a Macbook

Competitions to win tickets for concerts and performances

Win tickets for concerts and performances
Tickets are very popular prizes and often given out by the organizers of concerts and performances to promote their events. We also find such contests by radio stations. Get free tickets for great.. (read more) - Win tickets for concerts and performances

Competitions to win a KitchenAid

Win a KitchenAid
Competitions to win a Kitchenaid are very frequent due to their popularity. No wonder the KitchenAid Artisan food processor with it's classic design going back to 1919 is the the ultimate cooking help that let's you live your creativity in the kitchen. In many KitchenAid competitions the prize is a.. (read more) - Win a KitchenAid

Competitions to win rewards

Win rewards
Rewards can be won in all competitons listed on AussieContests. Check out our prize categories to find the reward you are looking for. Get the reward you deserve (presumably..) and win money, vouchers, the latest fashion and consumer electronics or even a house or car.
A particular case of.. (read more) - Win rewards

Competitions to win cash

Win cash
Win cash in these competitions. Prizes of $1,000 or $2,000 dollars are quite common in cash contests. Sometimes you can also have a chance to win $100,000 or win a million dollars. For the most up to date listing of cash competitions please check the category (read more) - Win cash

Competitions to win wine

Win wine
Win red, white or rose wine. There are many competitions around wine which are often organized by wine yards or tourism agencies promoting a particular wine region or wine retailers who want to get you hooked with that freebie. Whatever it is join competitions here to win Australian wine, New.. (read more) - Win wine

Competitions to win a holiday in Europe

Win a holiday in Europe
Visit Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam or the Mediteranean. Win your free Europe holiday.. (read more) - Win a holiday in Europe

Competitions to win a holiday in New Zealand

Win a holiday in New Zealand
Visit exciting Auckland and explore the special charms of the capital Wellington. New Zeleand has something for everybody. The main attraction is of course nature and whether you visit the North or South island you can be sure to find adventure in the mountains, on the beach or out on the sea where.. (read more) - Win a holiday in New Zealand

Competitions to win a BBQ

Competitions to win a BBQ are very popular even though most Aussie's own one already?! The biggest draw seems to be a Weber BBQ but there is also many other BBQ brands to be won. Win your BBQ and get ready for a great evening with your family and.. (read more) - Win a BBQ

Competitions to win fashion items

Win fashion items
Fashion is given away for free every day. Mainly the retailers run these promotions to attract more potential buyers. Often entry into a comp is linked to subscribing to a newsletter. If you are interested in fahion these emails are interesting anyway. Some of these giveaways are also not like an.. (read more) - Win fashion items

Competitions to win a Target gift card

Win a Target gift card
Target vouchers are popular freebies because all of us can find something to shop there. Sometimes Target themselves give them away as part of their promotions but more often it is actually other brands who use them them as freebies as part of their own advertising campaigns. Most common are $1,000.. (read more) - Win a Target gift card

Competitions to win a fridge

Win a-fridge
Do you fancy one of those enormous fridges that become the centerpiece of your kitchen if not the whole house? You can win one of these french door monster fridges in competitions every month. Our favourite ones are Miele fridges for their design and quality as well as SMEG retro fridges which just.. (read more) - Win a fridge

Competitions to win DVDs and Blue-Rays

Win DVDs and Blue-Rays
Win the latest Hollymood movies, European films, your favourite TV sitcom or series or even Bollywood movies on DVD or.. (read more) - Win DVDs and Blue-Rays

Competitions to win an Apple iPad or iPad Mini

Win an Apple iPad or iPad Mini
Apple's iPad is still one of the most popular prizes for contests in Australia. For some time these iPads really where THE standard freebie in all online competitions. That has cooled down quite a bit but still we find new iPad giveaways every month. Most of the time it is the iPad with both WiFi.. (read more) - Win an Apple iPad or iPad Mini

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