Overview of contest types

There is surprisingly many different ways how contests are organized and what one has to do to enter and get a chance to win. Each different type requires you to take a specific action and getting that right is the first step to winning some giveaway. On this page you find an overview of all the common types of contest in the Philippines and some tips on how to enter and win. Click on the links if you want to see some contests open for entries right now for the particular type.

Caption Contest

In a caption contest you need to come up with a good caption or descriptive text for a photo or sometimes a cartoon. A jury will decided on the result. Australian caption contests are considered games of skill. Different from lucky draws the outcome is not considered to be determined by luck and the competition does not require a government licence. How to win a caption contest? Well it depends a bit on what the promoter wants to achieve and you should think about that. Very often caption contests are really just for fun and a witty, surprising and humorous caption text will have a very good chance of winning. Just try to be spontaneous and funny if you can. Caption contests are unfortunately not very common in Australia. I think that is a pity because they are really quite fun to do. We try our best to find the latest caption contests and list them here. If all you see is expired contests right now please do check back at a later time. We will add any new caption contest that we can find!

Creative Competition

Creative competitions are often the most challening competitions. Technically, the are games of skill and in this case it is really the skill that will win you the prize. In creative contests you need to come up with some innovative, novel idea to answer the challenge the organzier of the competition has come up with. Some of these involve photography or drawing and other involve driving. So it depends really on you preferences and capabilities which type you should join. So the bad thing about creative competitions is that they are difficult. Now what is the good thing about them? Well, actually the same fact that they are difficult to enter. Given the extra challenge far few people join these competitions as opposed to those you are dead simple to enter. This means that on average your chances of winning are far high with less people going for that prize. A special case are recipe competitions. We also list them as creative competitions because you are usually asked to come up and share your own special recipe for a particular theme. Now most most of the time you would not actually write a recipe from scratch. Also such unapproven dish may not turn out very well. Rather you may have a very good family or personal recipe that just meets the challenge posed by the organizer of the competition. If that is the case go for the contest. Maybe tweak it a little bit to make it look every more innovative but then submit quickly. To our experience that has the highest chance of winning.

Facebook Competitions

Facebook Competitions are usually not difficult to join provided you do have a Facebook account of course. To enter you might need to follow the Facebook account who gives out the prize first. Mostly there is some like and share button located on the bottom of the post that you need to activate. Often you are also asked to write your comment based on the organizer\'s criteria. This can be about your review of their product, why you need that product and many variants of that. The comment often has to contain particular hashtag(s) that are set by the rules. Sometimes you need to invite friends to like, follow and join the contest too. As always read the rules that we summarize for you so you do not miss your chance.

Instagram Competition

Instagram Contests are quite simple and often fun to do. Usually you just need to repost a post or make a short Instagram story about the product given away or the brand promoted in the contest. You often also need to link in a minimum number of your friends. Follow and tag the Instagram account who gives away the prize. Make sure that your account is not private so your action can be seen publicly (otherwise the organizer of the giveaway would not know you are in). Check out the rules to see if there is additional requirements about the post and how the select winner. Then make sure you follow that to maximize your chances.

Opinion Survey Competition

In Opinion Survey Competitions you get a chance to win something in return for our answers to some consumer survey. These can be very elaborated surveys that take a very long time to fill in. This is usually the case if the competition is organized by some market research company. If you have time to kill it can be worth doing but you need to plan in some time. Alternatively, there are also some very short ones which can entered in a very short time just like a simple sign-up competition. In this case, there maybe only 3 questions or just one to answer to qualify. This is typically by some brand that wants to see how consumer react to different products, designs or colours etc. In this case it is easy to enter and can be a lot of fun because you get to chose.

Photo Competition

Photo Contests are quite common now and seem easy to enter. You can just take a quick snap and submit it as entry. However, in most cases the winner is determined by selecting the best (or funny, or original, etc) photo. So to maximise your chances you should put in some effort to really make it a good photo that stands a chance of winning. Otherwise your entry maybe we wasted. If you like taking photos and being creative about it these are also some of the most fun contests. When you join Photo Contests you need to note what are the criteria defined by the contest jury committee. Then, you also need to know what types of images are eligible. Normally at the last step which is submission, there will be guidelines for how to submit your photo contest such as the size of the image, name of the file, etc. If you follow this advice you might have a good chance of winning.

Pinterest Competition

The mechanics of Pinterest Competitions are similar to those on Instagram, just using Pinterest instead obviously. This organizer usually asks you to follow their Pinterest account. Then, you are often asked to repin several times in their particular post. Sometimes you also need to make a board about their product or put the hashtag that is already set by the organizer. Please notice the terms and conditions of the Pinterest contest such as who can participate, minimal age, etc so you can choose which competition that is a match with you so you will have a higher chance to win.

Question and answer Contest

Question and Answer Contests are a concept that is easy to understand but sometimes hard to enter. You need to answer some specific question correctly to qualify for an entry. Sometimes the speed of your answer or details of how you write your answer also play a role. Before you answer the question, sometimes you need to fill your data first so make sure you fill it correctly too so when you are chosen as the winner you can verify your data to the organizer who runs the contest. Note that some organizers of the contest might put more or less steps that you need to do so make sure you read the rule completely. Often the correct answer you can find out by reading some text on the competition website or just search it online. The extra step involved sometimes means there is less entries for this type of contest which means higher chances of winning.

Random draw Competition

Lucky draw or random draw competitions where the winning is based entirely on chance. The winner is determined in a raffle draw where all entries have the same chance. This is the most common form of Australian competitions. One big advantage is that entry is very simple. You just sign up with your contact details and your in the draw to win the prize. Sometimes you have the possibility of several entries which you can do to increase your chances. Or you get the rest of your family to sign up as well to increase your chances to win even more. Because participation is so easy you should sign up to many of them and indeed some compers have a routine to sign up with half a dozen random draw raffle competitions every day. In Australia random draw competitions are actually tightly regulated by the law at state or territory level. Legally these competitions are called trade promotion lottery. These law protects us as consumers as they are made to ensure the terms are not misleading and the prizes are really given out as stated. Also the authorities looking after these licences follow up if there are serious complaints about an errant organizer of such a competition. Given that you may win really high value prizes like $10,000 or even $100,000 cash, a $20,000 holiday or cars worth above $50,000 this really makes a lot of sense. To read more you can read our blog on rules for Australia trade promotion lotteries.

Twitter Competition

The number of Twitter competitions is increasing a lot recently. Many compers do not like that because of the need to have a Twitter account and remembering yet another password but that is that. Some brands really love Twitter comps because they create such a strong buzz. Shallow of course but loud and they think that really helps them with their marketing. Now that is a matter of debate but fact is that they do run a lot of Twitter contests lately and if you want to win you need to learn how they work. There is basically a few variants of them. The simples form is a simple following of a brand to be in the competition. So for at least the promotion period you need to stay a follower to have a chance to win. That is easy enough. The next level would be the need to re-tweet anything that the brands requires you so that your follows in turn also get the message. Alternatively you need to do a tweet with the hashtag indicated in the rules. This may also add a creative component as you are normally supposed to tweet something original or funny to that hashtag. It could also turn into an question and answer type of competition where you need to answer some kind of quiz for your chance to win.

Words or less Competition

Competitions where your entry needs to be motivated with a short text, often 25 words or less or 100 words or less in length. The winner of the competition is determined by a jury which is reviewing all words-or-less entries and deciding on the best or most original contribution. Words or less competitions are considered games of skill where your win is not based on chance but on the skill that you demonstrate. Often words or less competitions give you somewhat higher odds than other competitions such as straight lucky draws. In some ways these words or less competitions are quite similar to general creative competitions but you need to be concise which is a challenge for some. Having said that there are also words or less comps where the word limit is one thousand which makes that a different contest all together. Most WOL are 25 words though. For more on the concept of WOL competitions and how to win them see our blogs words or less competitions in Australia and How to win Words-Or-Less Comps . Try to be creative or funny in your answer. Also if possible mention the product or brand so you have a higher chance of your answer being selected by the jury. And absolutely make sure to stick to the word limit. If it says "25 words or less" they will disqualify you if you do 26 words or more. Some people enter quickly lots and lots of words or less competitions to increase their chances of winning. In principle, this is a good approach. Usually words or less challenges have less participants because some people just cannot overcome the fear of blank paper. It is also true that for quite a few words or less competitions you can assume that the winner is almost determined by chance. If they have one thousand WOL entries it is very difficult for a jury to go through all of them. So although not quite right, in many cases the jury will look at some random selection of entries a bit closer and determine the winner from them. Nevertheless, you must put in some effort with your answer to have a chance. Even if the jury does not read all entries they will never award the prize to a contribution that is just lousy. So find a middle way between making good WOL entries and entering lots and lots of them! One thing you can actually do to make your participations easier is to recycle your answers. A good motivation to win a KitchenAid may also work for a competition for a Breville food processor!
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