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Win $1,000 easy cash

Value:   $1,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2017-12-31

Win $5,000 cash every quarter

Value:   $20,000   (4 prizes)
Cost:   free
Ends  2017-12-31

Win $5,000 cash and earn gift cards with surveys

Value:   $5,000   (20 prizes)
Cost:   free
Ends  2017-12-31

Win $1,000 cash + free investment guide

Value:   $1,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2017-12-31

Some cash competitions are words-or-less competitions and today I am really into reading Limericks for a laugh.

Just found this one which may give you some thoughts for your next motivational text for winning cash in a competition:

There was an old man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket.
His daughter, named Nan,
Ran off with a man,
And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

For more lodicrous Limericks check out this page (got this Limierick from that page as well).

This is my favourite competition this month and I also got lots of feedback that this is very popular. I am really not into motorbikes and have not idea how to move such a monstrous machine but I have to say that a Harley Davidson IS cool! Even better this competition by Why Wait Australia offers also $20,000 dollars of cash instead of the Harley Davidson motorbike which is what I would go for. Also nice about this competition is that participation requires you to guess the wait of the Harley Davidson. Not overly complicated to join but with an extra element of fun. Overall a cool and generous prize in a competition that is fun to join! Well done Why Wait Australia! Win a Harley Davidson - Why Wait Australia competition.

Win a Harley Davidson - Why Wait Australia competition

Money Competitions

Win free cash and money. Actual cash is a great prize that is hard to beat because you can use it for whatever stuff you dream of. No wonder cash competitions and money as a prize are among the most popular to be won. What would you do if you won a big sum of money just like that? Money prizes come in different forms it can be actual hard cash, a big cheque or cash cards like Visa prepaid or eftpos cards. Some money competitions are also in the form of a long term pension, free insurance, a cash payment against your mortgage. Often you can win amounts like $1,000 or $5,000 in easy to enter competitions but we also find others for 30,000 dollars or even 100,000 dollars and above.

Vouchers & Gift Cards Competitions

Win vouchers for all popular Australian brands. Gift cards for malls, retail chains online shops are given away in these competitions. Very popular are the vouchers for supermarkets that help you with your grocery shopping. A voucher for your favourite shop really is as good as cash and you can fulfil your wishes just the same way. For this very reason this category of competitions is really great. If you are looking for a particular giveaway but cannot find it, chances are that you find a gift card for a retailer who carries just the item that you are looking for.

Competitions to win a Coles Gift Card

Coles vouchers are very popular prizes and we find competitions to win these supermarket vouchers every week. Coles Supermarkets give out free gift cards themselves but there is also many other promoters who use these gift cards for Coles as prizes in their own competitions. They are as good as cash as all of us have a need to buy groceries. With Coles Supermarkets having so many stores around Australia a free Coles shopping is always a welcome giveaway. Quality Food Costs Less at Coles is what they say but we think that Quality Food Should Costs Nothing at Coles, at least every now and then as a special treat. We always list the latest competitions for Coles gift cards on this page which is updated every week. Enjoy your free groceries!

Competitions to win a house

Win a house or enough cash to buy one. There are some competitions to win this great prizes. A house or appartment is probably one of the most sought after prizes. Of course it is not often offered in free competitions but every now and then we find one and post it here. Rather than in free contests you find a house or home to win in lotteries where you need to buy a ticket to join. Examples are,,, and there is many more. Tickets to enter a draw to win a house start from $2 or $5 and you can find more information on those websites. At AussieContests we focus mainly on free competitions and if there a chance to win a home for free you will find it listed here. Good luck with getting your dream home for free!

Competitions to win cash

Win cash in these competitions. Prizes of $1,000 or $2,000 dollars are quite common in cash contests. Sometimes you can also have a chance to win $100,000 or win a million dollars. For the most up to date listing of cash competitions please check the category win money which has contests to win cash amounts large and small.

Competitions to win $ 10000 dollars cash

Prizes of $10,000 dollars can be found in free online competitions! Check out this list and walk away with 10000 $ cash!

Opinion survey competitions

Opinion surveys are a great way to get freebies. There is different options on how you can get free rewards through this. All market researchers doing opinion surveys tend to offer something to make consumers go through those questions. Some give instant rewards, like a free drink if you do one online survey for Starbucks, or free samples for brand survey. Others are using a point system where you collect some points for each survey you do and later you can redeem these for free gifts. Strictly speaking these are not competitions because everybody just gets the freebies in return of your particiation. Nevertheless we sometimes list them on AussieContests if we feel the particular program is worth it.

More exciting are opinion surveys that are combined with competitions. In these you get your usual rewards for participating in market research but in addition you also join a compettion for free. Some have the concept that new members join a monthly competition, other give out a prize to all members regularly. Or there is those where you increase your chances by joining more surveys. For example for each participation you get another chance to win the prize. The prizes are often cash or vouchers. The best we have seen was prizes of $30,000 to be won.

Whatever type of market research or opinion survey competiton you join make sure you get a basic understand of how it works. Then you can maximize your chances and walk away with the most free samples, cash prizes or other giveaways.

          BricorMedia is an advertising company running sites like Aussie Rewards Online and Free Stuff My Way. You can win all sorts of stuff like electronic gadgets or cash when you join and participate in their surveys.

            Competitions to win cash in opinion polls and surveys.

              Win big time with OZ Lotteries. The great thing about this webpage is that there is even free games. Prizes vary but often it is of course big cash prizes. Ozlotteries is a fully accredited seller of popular Australian lottery games. Here we list special promotions if we find something that draws our attention.

                Axcelerator Home Loans have competitions to win cash from time to time.

                  Small loans at affordable rates are offered by Credit24. Quite cool is there cash back competitions. Every time you get an eligible loan you may have a chance to win back part of that in a lucky draw. These competitions are not always on so check this page for the latest update.

                    Blueberry Land is a consumer panel that allows you to earn money through surveys. You can easily make some extra cash from home simply by sharing your opininon in interesting surveys that will be sent to you by email. Joining Blueberry Land is 100% free and there are never any charges for you. The money that you earn by sharing your opinion will be paid to you through Paypal.

                    Win a $5,000 trip to New York Please enter your details below for your chance to win $5,000 cash prize for a trip to New York.