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Do you like Words-or-less competitions but have troubles finding them among the many competitons that are out there? In that case don't look further because we have them all summed up for you.

We have a dedicated page with just words-or-less contests for you. You can find all the latest Australian words-or-less competitions on this one page and it is updated all the time.

Alternatively you can also look for particular brands who always run words-or-less competitions. Here is a few of them:

The last year or so we have seen more and more variety in prizes to be won in competitions. I think it is great to have so much choice! Also it is much more fun to join 20 competitions for different stuff rather than always competiting for the same iPad (I still want that though!).

I wonder what you feel about this? Are you getting the prizes you deserve offered in Australian competitions? Or do you want to win something else? Send me your comments through the contact form. In a week or two I will publish the result of this mini-survey here.

Thanks to all who have send me your thoughts and wish list on the most popular prizes you would like to see in Australian competitions. One thing that surprised me was that to win an iPad (or iPad mini) came up on top! So many competitions are available to win Apple iPad so I guess they get that right!

Here is the hit list based on the replies I got
  1. an iPad
  2. grocery or supermarket vouchers
  3. holidays
On holidays there was obviously a lot of destinations but top on the list was Europe as well as resorts in Thailand and Bali and the like.
Here is a compilation of some of those popular prizes for you
  1. win an Apple iPad or iPad Mini
  2. win shopping vouchers
  3. win a holiday in Bali and other Asian destinations
Thanks for all who contributed and let me know if you are looking for other prizes yet. Will look for you wishlist!

Aligned with the launch of Iron Man 3 in Australian cinemas lots of Iron Man 3 competitions appear on the scene. You can win Iron Man 3 merchandise, movie tickets and video games. My favourite Iron Man 3 competition is this one to win a trip to Tokyo: Win a trip to Tokyo with Iron Man 3

Or see other
Iron Man 3 competitions here.

P.S. Watching the Iron Man 3 movie is not a condidition for most of these but I can tell you it is pretty cool as well.

Understand Words-or-Less to win in Australian competitions. Participating in a words-or-less competitions is very easy:
Strictly speaking to join a words-or-less competition you only need to write some text and comply with the word limit. So if it is a 25-words-or-less you really must not exceed that word limit or otherwise your entry will be disqualified no matter how good it is. Now that is easy enough but to make your entry a winner you also need to come up with something good that will capture the attention of the competition prize jury.
See my other blog for the complete guide to winning Australian words-or-less competitions.

Did you ever wonder why brands are actually doing words-or-less competitons? Words-or-less competitions are very very common in Australia for a number of reasons:
  1. They are fun to do
    Many people enjoy entering words-or-less competitions pretty much like they enjoy solving some puzzle.
  2. Words-or-less for marketing
    Competitions are often done by brands to create some buzz for their products. They may select words-or-less competitoins because this makes consumer engage with their product or brand as they get creative to write their winning entry.
  3. Legal reasons
    Words-or-less competitions are games of skill which do not require a licence for the organizer. This is different from lucky draws which are governed by the various states' trade promotion lottery acts. Thus, organizing a words-or-less competitions involves much less red tape than a straight lucky draw.

You can always find the latest Australian words-or-less competitions here.

Lucky draws or raffles in which participants in a competition win by chance are regulated by law. Legally such lucky draw competitions are called Trade Promotions Lotteries in Australia. The lucky draws or raffle competitions are the easiest form of competitions with very simple and fast participation. To enter you only need to register with your details. Check here for the best Australian random draw competitons

Australian Trade Promotion Lotteries are governed by state law i.e. each state has their own regulation. In summary, the rules of individual states are somewhat similar. Most states require the organizer of a Trade Promotion Lottery to apply for a licence which covers the promotion period and is tied to a particular competition, prize and terms and conditions. However, each state's law has somewhat different regulations when it comes to the details. For example usually a licence is only required if the value of the prize pool exceeds a certain amount. Also some states (such as Western Australia) do not require a dedicated state licence if another Australian state has granted a licence already.
You can find the actual state level regulation here: Now that is an aweful lot of reading material and you probably find that reading that legal stuff will take out the fun out of joining competitons! I agree and there is actually a simpler way to find out if something is genuine:
In practice most major lucky draw competitions are open for all Australian residents. Thus, the brand organizing the raffle will need to have the licences that allow them to do so in all states. If you look at the details of the regulations you will find that NSW not only is the most populous state but also has more stringent rules that many other states. Also several states grant permission for a competition without a dedicated state-level licence if an NSW licence has already been issued. Thus, a competition for all of Australia will always have to display the NSW Trade Promotion Licensing number!
In summary, the may thing for you to look out for is the New South Wales Trade Promotion Licence number which must be displayed in the terms and conditions or on the landing page of the website. So look out for something like this:
Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/12/012345
The NSW licences always start with LTPS.

When you check the terms of different competitions you will find that often but not always they also list
ACT Permit No. TP12/01234 and
VIC Permit No. 12/2589.
These are the licence numbers for ACT and VIC, respectively. However, if a competition has to display them or need depends on the value of the prize given out. So even ACT and VIC permits are not listed and you only see the NSW permit that may still be genuine and fully legally compliant.

One exception to all of this is South Australia. SA has their own independent and slightly more complicated regulations and licensing process (South Australia Trade Promotion Lotteries). So if you are a resident of SA you should actually look out for a specific South Australia licence number which looks like this:
SA Licence No. T12/1234.

So for most of us the rule of thumb is: Look out for an NSW permit number ( LTPS...) to check if an all-Australian lucky draw competition is genuine!

Remember of course that this is only true for lucky draws - if it is a game of skill such as a
Words-Or-Less competition there is no legal requirement for any licence whatsoever.

Some tips on winning FB competitions that you may want to consider before you like and enter the next one on Facebook. Facebook competitions are often easy to enter but still you should be aware of a few things to increase your chance of winning on FB while avoiding some of the common pitfalls.

Know when to Like (and Unlike)

Many Facebook competitions require you to like the page as part of the entry or even before you can see the entry form. That is easy enough but you should also think through if an when you want to unlike it. Many compers just like the page to enter the draw and then unlike it as soon as they have entered - or so they think. If your plan is to only like the promoter's page for the sake of entering you should check the competition terms.
Some actually say that your entry only qualifies if you are still following that page at the point in time when they determine the winner. So if you unlike it prematurely you may have wasted your time as you would never actually have a chance to win.

Browse the terms and conditions

Reading those Ts&Cs is always boring but you may want to have a quick look at them just to make sure you understand what you need to do to win. Some brands do a good job show an excerpt of the most important things (how to enter, how to win, licence number if applicable) on the Facebook page so that you do not have to find it in all that legal text of the terms. One thing to note about the terms is whether they actually do exist. If there is no terms and conditions at all that is rather dubious and in violation of Australian law and Facebook rules. So I would recommend to stay away from anything that is lacking proper terms. Most likely you would waste your time as there is not actual prize to win.

Understand how to win

Apart from liking and maybe sharing with friends Facebook competitions are actually similar to other online competitions. The winner may be determined in a random draw, by jury decision on a 25 words or less contribution, some question and answer mechanism, a photo competition or a creative contest where the best entry wins. So in addition to liking the FB page you also need to perform the task, for example if it is a 25 words or less question to answer put some effort in and make sure you stick to the 25 words. Check also my tips on how to enter 25 words or less contests.

Avoid Facebook competitons that break FB rules

You may wonder why I bring this one up? In principle as a comper I agree that compliance with FB rules for competitions should not be my concern. However, it happens quite often that Facebook shuts down competitions or entire Facebook pages because they break the Facebook guidelines. When they do that you wasted your time with your competition entry as that competition is gone as well.
Brands should not do any of the following:
  • Run a competition directly on their Facebook wall (such as 'like this picture to win') but need to run it in a separate FB application
  • Request participants to ask friends to like the competition page as well.
  • Accept entries to a competiton just by a Like of a picture, posting or page.
  • Inform the winner on the Facebook wall. The rules say the winner needs to be contacted by mail or phone.
My advice would be to stay away from any competiton that violates those rules.

Careful with your data

If you are concerned about privacy you need to be extra careful with Facebook competitions. When the competition requires you to like the page your Facebook friends will be able to see that. If it is a creative or photo competition that you are entering it is likely that anybody on Facebook will see your picture, text or any other contribution that you made.
Some of the Facebook competition apps also request you to give permission to post onto your wall etc. If that is the case you may end up being drowned in postings by that brand. Not only may you not want to see that yourself but it may also be something that your FB friends find irritating.

Got into the mood for some FB comps? Then check out our listing of Australian Facebook competitions.

Lastly do remember:
Facebook is like a jail. you sit around,waste time, have a profile picture,write
on walls and get poked by guys you don’t really know. (quote from

Are you also looking for the best Facebook competitions to join? I got a comment from one of our member regarding my last blog on Facebook competitions saying that is all fine but how to find all those Australian Facebook competitions. I guess she is not the only one so I put my reply here. If you just Google search Facebook competitions or Facebook contests you end up with a lot of stuff about Facebook regulations and quite long list of expired competitions. You can find stuff like that but it is quite tedious. You can also try the Facebook search function but that is really quite useless in my experience.


What we do at AussieContests is that we follow all those Australian brands with good Facebook pages and constantly look out for their postings to spot the latest FB comp. Often we also get contacted directly by the brand when they are preparing to launch a new promotion to win something through Facebook. That's basically our daily Facebook work and all of that results in our listing. So if you check our directory of of Australian Facebook competitions you are pretty much set. We don't list everything out there, rather we focus on those FB promotions that are genuine and think our members would be interested in so it is a digest of the best win at Facebook stuff.

I was complaining a few months ago that we do not get enough Caption Contests in Australia. Unfortunately, not much has happened since then and there are still not may. Really a pity because I think they can be a nice change from all those 25 Words Or Less competitions that make us work so hard. I love competitions where you need to write a picture caption because it almost always ends with a laugh. Especially, when you can see other participants attempts at making a funny caption for a photo it really is entertaining.

Now complained enough for today... I am happy to announce that we found a nice caption contest again! In this competition you can win two bottles of champagne if you come up with the best caption for this picture:

Caption Contest        Caption Contest 2

I really hope we will be getting more such caption contests and in anticipation of all the stuff to come we set up a new section just for Australian caption contests.

Facebook has changed the rules for competitions dramatically. Previously, any kind of competition would have to be held in special Facebook apps. With the new rules that is not longer the case and a competition can be run straight on a Facebook page.

This simplification will change completely the landscape for Facebook competitions. There will definitely be many many more of them going forward. In this blog I try to summarize what this means both for people who like to participate in competitions but also for the brands who intend to run a Facebook competitions.

Changes for compers who want to join Facebook competitions

First the good news: The main change that we will see is that there will be much more choice of competitions. Previously, the requirement to run a competition in a specially programmed app made it a bit difficult to run competitions. With this obstacle removed you can expect many more competitions especially from smaller companies and bloggers and the like.

So what's the bad news then? Well, things can become a bit messy in the future. Facebook in general is a bit confusing for many people. Frequently Facebook users wonder about the whereabouts of their data and who receives what piece of information as they browse through Facebook pages, click on stuff and join competitions. The good thing about the special apps for Facebook apps was that they were stand alone in a way and you could easily see when you are doing something as part of the comp and when not. With the new rules everything is more relaxed so the boundaries between the competition and the rest of the Facebook page becomes a bit blurred. So you need to mind your steps if you worry about your data.

The other thing that can easily happen is the appearance of more illegitimate competitions. With the requirements for running Facebook apps simplified more companies or individuals may take a dirty short cut and just throw a competition out there on their Facebook wall without thinking about the law in general and even worse without never giving out a prize. With the need for special apps gone it may be more difficult for participants to track the progress of a competition and see the results at the end. At AussieContests we will continue monitoring the details of Facebook competitions carefully before we list them on our side. This way we should avoid any of the illegitimate stuff.

One obvious thing you should remember before you join all those Facebook competitions that are due to come up is to think about the consequences of joining. Many brands going forward will run simple 'Like to win' competitions. That is fine but remembers some will cover your timeline with a continuous blasting of their promotions. If you do not want that stay away. Or just unlike them when that happens.

If you are eager to join Facebook competitions now you want to check our competitions guide to winning on Facebook.

Changes for companies running Facebook competitions

First of all you should remember that only the Facebook rules have changed. You still need to comply with the specific Australian laws governing competitions. In particular, if you are running a random draw competitions that meets certain criteria you still need to apply for a trade promotion licence. Actually, violating the law is not only bad and stupid but it can mean your Facebook page will be shut down (all fans gone!). This is because a violation of the law is also a breach of Facebook rules according to their terms. You really should get a legal expert to draft the terms and conditions if you are in doubt. This blog post should give you some ideas about pitfalls but it is not a legal advice.

Remember going forward that you still need to have a disclaimer in all Facebook competitions. This should say that your company is the organizer and contact for the contest and Facebook has nothing to do with it. It is not a difficult thing to do and also fine for you as a brand. Just make sure that you do not forget to add this.

Overall things got definitely easier and chearper. If you want to run a competition on Facebook you can do that directly on the fan page. Thus, you do not need to program any app or use any of those external providers of Facebook ads. Going forward you can do competitions on the Facebook page like:

  • The comment with the most likes wins
  • The best or most creative or funniest comment wins
  • The posted image with themost likes wins
  • Every body who likes a post goes into a random draw for a prize
In the past this was not possible. You had to create some special voting method within an Facebook app to do this. Now you can do it straight on the page. Much easier and I would say also much more intuitive actually.

You can also run competitions where everybody who is already a follower is automatically is automatically getting a chance to win. This could be a good option if you plan to hold competitions regularly. If your fans know there is an easy entry to your comps they may not unlike your page that quickly. Brands also can combine this with hurdles such as giving out a prize by random draw if the number of fans reached 10,000 or something like that.

One thing that is still prohibited is making use of Facebook users personal pages in competitions. For example a competition organizer may not requrest that people post on their own personal page to be entitled for a competiton entry. Similarly, you may not request that participants need to share the competition on their own timeline. Basically this rule is in place for things getting out of control. You need to stick to this to ensure Facebook compliance.

Also, like before, you are not allowed to require participants to do tagging on an image where they are not actually part of the picture. This is a rather dirty method of increasing Facebook chatter which rightly is still banned as before the change of rules.

One thing you should definitely do as make the terms and conditions easy to understand and easily accessible. Already before the rule change Facebook comps were notorious for missing terms. That is utterly annoying for Facebook users and your potential customers. Just make it easy for them and make the terms available right there where you run the competition. The cleanest way is to either put the complete terms into a Facebook note or a dedicated webpage outside of Facebook which can be reached with a direct click from your Facebook page.

If you intend to publish the names of the winners make sure this is set as a requirement in the terms. This way you are free to do so once the winner is established. If you fail to do that you need to tediously get the winners consent before you do so. And that is sometimes difficult, especially if you want to use their photo.

Also in the terms you should state the participants agree to comply with the law when doing any postings as part of the competition. If you have a large fan base it may easily happen that there is somebody violationg some law and somebody else picking this up and turning it against you as the organizer of the competition and promoter of the page. Just make sure this does not happen. So you should include a condition that postings e.g. do not contain racial hatred, religious hatred, insults, false facts, copyright or trademark violations etc.

Another simple thing is to consider age restrictions. There is a lot of minors on Facebook. If you run a competition outside of an app like the new rules allow you, you have no way of checking participants age. So to avoid minors joining for something they are not entitled to make that very explicit on the page and in your terms and conditions.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to win a beautiful car and help an important charity in one go. Here is what this charity is about:

Platinum Class Lottery is one of the major fundraising activities to raise funds for Act for Kids – an Australian charity providing free professional therapy and support services to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

For over 26 years, we have helped thousands of Australian children and families who have experienced, or are at risk of child abuse and neglect.

We work to …

keep kids safe by providing information, support and counselling to help parents care for their children

help families develop new ways to cope in times of stress

support and counsel children who have experienced trauma from abuse or neglect.

The issue

Child abuse and neglect is one of Australia’s biggest and most misunderstood social problems. Despite being under-reported, Australian authorities confirmed 40,574* children were abused or neglected in one year alone. That’s almost one child every 13 minutes suffering from neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse, most often in their own home.

How you can help

You can show your support by buying tickets from the Platinum Class Lottery. Proceeds from the lottery provide vital funds for us to continue providing intensive treatments for abused and neglected kids free of charge.

Platinum Class Lottery runs six times a year. Tickets are $50 each, limited 9,000 tickets available for each draw. Your chance of winning a brand new Mercedes-Benz is pretty high! If you spend more than $100, you could win extra prizes worth up to $25,000. Join the Platinum Reserve member and receive tickets automatically for each draw plus additional chances for exclusive draws for Platinum Reserve member’s worth up to $20,000!

Don’t miss out! Buy a ticket today and help us help more kids!

Win a Mercedes-Benz with Act For Kids

Vouchers & Gift Cards Competitions

Win vouchers for all popular Australian brands. Gift cards for malls, retail chains online shops are given away in these competitions. Very popular are the vouchers for supermarkets that help you with your grocery shopping. A voucher for your favourite shop really is as good as cash and you can fulfil your wishes just the same way. For this very reason this category of competitions is really great. If you are looking for a particular giveaway but cannot find it, chances are that you find a gift card for a retailer who carries just the item that you are looking for.

Books & Magazines Competitions

The best Australian competitions to win books, paperbacks, crime, romance and other novels as well as various magazines for children and adults. We also show competitions where you can win subscriptions, gift cards for bookstores and newspaper or magazine publications. Sure it's nice to be able to fill the bookshelf at home in the reading corner! Sometimes there are contests where the participants can write a short story, article, etc. to win great prizes.

Cars Competitions

Win a car competitions - we list the latest Australian online competitions to win cars. You can win family cars, sedans, cabriolets, SUVs, mini-vans and even large size pick-ups. There is actually a lot of car competitions in Australia and for practically all automobile marks that you see on the streets. You can win great German and French brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault or Peugeot and even Porsches and other luxury expensive European cars like an Alfa Romeo or even a Lamborghini. Of course Japanese brands are quite common. Suzuki cars for example are very common prizes.

Competitions to win an Apple iPhone, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone series is still one of the biggest draws in Australian competitions.

Competitions to win wine

Win red, white or rose wine. There are many competitions around wine which are often organized by wine yards or tourism agencies promoting a particular wine region or wine retailers who want to get you hooked with that freebie. Whatever it is join competitions here to win Australian wine, New Zealand wine or French wine. Anything from Riesling to Chardonnay, Shiraz and Carbernet Sauvignac to be won!

Competitions to win free stuff

Join competitions to win free stuff. Win cash, vouchers and gift cards, stuff for your house and home. Join contests for free food and drink, holidays and Australian getaways. Almost all competitions listed on AussieContests can be joined for free with the rest requiring some smaller purchase to qualify for freebies.

Competitions to win a cruise

Join competitions to win cruise tickets all around the world. Win a free river cruise on the Loire and see French Chateaus or on the Rhine to visit German medieval castles. See the Norwegian fjords on a Nordic cruise. Enjoy the tropical waters of South East Asia or the Carribean. Competitions where you can win a cruise are done by many cruise operators such as Scenic Tours, Orion and Celebrity Cruise and others not even based in Australia but targeting Australian travellers interested in cruises. Also by travel sites such as offer cruises as competition prizes. Given the popularity of cruise contests they are often also run by TV stations such as Channel 9 or Channel Ten. We list here the latest ocean and river cruises open to Australian participants.

Competitions to win free trips

Free trips and holidays are very popular prizes in Australian competitions and you see them offered by a lot of organizers of free online competitions. Check this page for a selection of really cool free trips to be won. Under our prize category free holidays you will always find the latest Australian holiday competitions.

Competitions to win a Suzuki car

Competitions to win a Suzuki Swift, SX4, Splash, Carry or other Suzuki car. See the entire range of Suzuki cars on Suzuki and Suzuki dealers are running competitions to make their brand more exciting. Recently they gave away a customized Swift with arty paintwork but also the bigger Kizashi and Jimny Sierra are great car to win. Other Australian brands also give away Suzuki cars in competitoins because it is such a versatile and popular car. Competitons for a Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Swift Sports are more common. Join these contests for a Suzuki and drive away with your Suszuki for free. Good luck winning!

Competitions to win Rod Stewart albums, music, books, tickets & more

Rod Stewart, one of the best selling artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide, still features in many Australian competitions. Win Rod Stewart's latest album and autobiography. There is also competitions to win Rod Stewart Best-of CDs and books both by himself and others who write about his life and music. Find the latest Rob Stewart giveaways here!

Competitions to win Virgin Australia competitions

Travel vouchers, Australian and overseas holidays and tickets are up for grabs in competitions by Virgin Australia. Also other brands are offering Virgin ticket prizes in their competitions. Now you're flying for free! Join Virgin Australia competitions and win flight ticets and holiday trips.

Competitions to win with 7QLD, PRIME7, GWN7

Seven competitions to win holidays and exciting activities. Win trips with 7QLD to Kimberley, New Zealand, Ayer Rock and much more. Competitions from, and Attend the Australian open or a Chelsea football game in London with Prime7. You always find the latest Seven competitions here.

Competitions to win a motorhome

Motorhomes are an exciting competition prize and despite the high price tag they are actually given away quite often in Australian competitions. Whether it is a simple two/three berth campervan or a large four or six berth campervan with toilet and shower. There is also competitions to win 4WD campervan, caravans and super size US style recreational vehicles RV. Apollo motorhomes do run competitions to promote sales of their products and you could win either the actual motorhome or a motorhome holiday where you get free rental and petrol for two weeks or so. Avida, Around Australia Motorhomes, Britz Australia, Aussie Campervans, Camperman Australia and Star RV are other motorhome brands. Win a campervan or motorhome holiday!

Competitions to win a trip to Hollywood

A visit to Hollywood is all around stars and movies. Competitons with a trip to Hollywood as major prize are often run in connection with a new Hollywood movie launch in the cinemas, on DVD or Blu-Ray. This may be organized by the movie producers. Also Australian TV stations like Channel Seven or Ten often run such contests around popular US television series. Even Nickelodeon runs comps for a family holiday in Hollywood. Your free trip to Hollywood will often include a 4 or 5 star hotel, visting Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and some tour of Beverly Hills and other neighbourhoods for the rich and famous. You may also get some star like treatment in a cheesy stretchlimo ride. Some prizes are more family oriented and you get to vist amusement parks as part of the prize. A major highlight often is a visit to a movie production like Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios or even attending the Academy Awards with the Oscars ceremony.